Excited About My Week With The ILX

I grew up in a house of car lovers. That’s an understatement to be honest. My older brother always had car posters on his walls, and we had every car magazine show up at our house regularly, so it rubbed off on me, and I love cars too. I love sitting in a new car. I love test driving new cars. I really find myself to be a little bit of a new car snob. So, imagine when I was asked to spend a week with the new Acura ILX how excited I was at the prospect of getting a week with a brand new car, just to play with. Of course as soon as I said yes I had to my car loving family that I was getting to test the new Acura ILX. R was laughing at me and my excitement.

Of course then the dilemma became how do I show off spend the week with my Acura ILX? My Acura ILX is supposed to arrive on Monday and R & I cannot figure out how to really go out and test this puppy out. It turns out that the entire week I have this lovely car my kids have 1/2 days at school due to conferences, so we could really take the kids out for a fun afternoon in the car. Additionally, Thursday is E’s 7th Birthday. There are so many reasons to take this car out for a spin, and we can’t figure out what to do. I’ll be taking the kids to school with it, but that’s not even close to enough.

Here are some of the options:

  • take the kids for a day trip to Santa Barbara with a lovely ride down the coast
  • leave the kids behind and take a day trip to Santa Barbara with a lovely ride down the coast
  • uh uh uh …. hellllllppppp!!!!!

On top of that the Los Angeles Auto Show is in town, which is the ONLY family tradition I have from my childhood, do we take our Acura ILX Downtown to show off as we arrive in the new awesome Acura ILX? We’re going to go no matter what, why not show up in style right?

Give us some suggestions as to what to do with our week with the Acura ILX. We need your help desperately. What do we do with this lovely car? Tweet me with your ideas using the hashtag #weekwithILX and you could win $50 & $100 gift cards for your great ideas, whether we take them or not.

Acura has invited me to test the new ILX and share my honest thoughts through social media. I may receive product, access or content, but all commentary is my own.

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  1. Ohhhhh how exciting! We are an Acura owner and I absolutely love my car. Looking forward to your tweets.


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