Pink Papaya Botanical Skincare

I’m not an easy sell when it comes to skincare, and when I tried the Pink Papaya skincare I fell in love upon opening the package. I tried the Normal to Dry Facetini, and it really was a cocktail for my face.

In retrospect I probably should have gone more with the combination skin, but considering my oily acne prone skin the Normal to Dry was amazing. This botanical ingredients are wonderful for my skin, and the fact that everything is Paraben Free only makes me like that much more.

I also tried the Sweet Body Sugar Scrub Sexy Beach, and shhhhh so did my husband. We loved it! After putting it on we used a loofa scrubber, our skin was never so shiny. The smell was great.

In addition to the Sugar Scrub I also have the Creamy Body Butter Sexy Beach. I have sensitive skin, and am always so worried about putting body creams on my legs. It’s a hold my breath moment. It smelled great left, my skin without a stinging red blotchy flare up. I was so happy.

OK all of that is well and good, but what made me fall in love? The fact that my sons love the Body Butter. They both have dry hands with majorly dry cuticles. They’re always skeptical of all creams, and therefore getting them to put some on their hands is always really difficult. on a whim I asked E (6) to try the body butter on his hands. Now I know it’s not hand cream, but I thought I’d try. When I opened that jar of Body Butter he instantly perked up because it smelled so yummy. He like it so much he ran and got his older brother (8) to try it too. I know that it sound silly but that said a lot to me about the products, and their versatility.

I looked through their brand new catalog and discovered they have a whole line of makeup. I’ve been needing some new eye makeup brushes, and am thinking of ordering some of theirs.

Want to try the wonderful Pink Papaya Facetini? Well the fabulous Edie McRae, independent Pink Papaya consultant, is giving 5 Fashionably Organized readers a Facetini

Mandatory Entry: Tell me what your nighttime skincare routine consists of. Do you wash your face? Do you put anti-aging cream on?

It’s not mandatory but check out Pink Papaya’s Facebook page to read all the latest on Pink Papaya.

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This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was sent these products for review. The above opinion is my own swayed only by my inner Fashionista.

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  1. mine varies so much depending on how tired I am! HAHA.

  2. Chrissy Nestor says:

    My skincare routine is that I alway’s wash my face before bed to get all the makeup off.

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  3. jamie fafard says:

    my night time routine is washing my face, then applying lotion to moisturize. I don’t apply lotion in the morning because it feels greasy and doesn’t allow my make up to soak in so I make sure to do it at night!

  4. jamie fafard says:

    I follow on twitter! @jamief143

  5. jamie fafard says:
  6. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but when I do, i always clean my face at night. I use eye makeup remover and then use products to wash my face. I try and use products to just wash my face most nights, but it does come down to how tired I am hah

  7. Wash my face, moisturize, and chapstick the lips

  8. I wash my face, use toner, and put on facial moisturizer.

  9. I follow on twitter (sweeper785)

  10. My nighttime routine consists of lightly exfoliating my face followed by a moisturizer. Occasionally I add in an acne wash when I get a breakout.

  11. I followed on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.

  12. Margot S. says:

    I use a moisturizer with sunscreen, toner and a gentle soap.

  13. Margot S. says:

    I follow on twitter (@wabashriver1)

  14. I try to always cleanse my face @ night, followed by a Vit. C cream & an anti-ager/& eye cream!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance….

  15. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My nighttime skin care routine is I was my face really well to get off all the makeup then I put a heavy night cream on to prevent wrinkles.

  16. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I followed on Twitter. @nodoubt1980

  17. neha david says:

    wow lovely giveaway!
    for my night time regimen i only wash all my makeup off & only put a cetaphil moiturizer

    i am following on twitter –> @mzneha is my username
    i have tweeted the message as well =]
    thank you

  18. jessica edwards says:

    wash and moisturize

  19. Christine says:

    wash and tone

  20. kim burnett says:

    wash and moisturize

  21. I work nights so my routine is to put moisturizer and toner on before going to work. Then, when I get home in the morning, I scrub off all my makeup with facial wipes. Thanks.

  22. Deb Anderson says:

    I use a gentle exfoliant at night, followed by moisturizer.

  23. Deb Anderson says:

    follow you on Twitter

  24. Deb Anderson says:
  25. Erin Phelps says:

    I usually wash my face and then moisturizer.

  26. I wash my face – moisturize – then I stick a little triangular “Frownie” between my eyes so I don’t “crease” while I sleep. Luckily my husband sleeps with a C-Pap Mask on, so he can’t really say anything about how goofy I look!

  27. I follow you on Twitter – @ Gigisweeps

  28. Karen Gonyea says:

    I wash well and moisturize morning and night !!

  29. i just wash my face at night, usually nothing else but sometimes i will put night cream or moisturizer on also!

  30. Stephanie G says:

    I cleanse and apply retinol

  31. Stephanie G says:

    I am following you on twitter :)


  32. Elaine Heller says:

    I TRY to wash every night and use a nightime face cream or vit E…unless I fall asleep on the sofa in a coma-like state after putting the kids to bed.

  33. I use the aveda line- scrub, exfoliate, and moisturize

  34. I wash my face with Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths – Sensitive, rinse and apply a good moisturizer before going to bed. (I switch off on brands of moisturizer.)

  35. SALLY Mcintyre says:

    I use cleanser, face mask and night cream..

  36. Diane Baum says:

    I rinse my face with cool water and add night cream

  37. I just wash my face

  38. Susan Smith says:

    I wash my face with a gentle cleaner and then use a moisturizer

  39. Susan Smith says:
  40. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    My night routine consists of washing my face, use a toner and then a hydrated moisturizer :)

  41. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    I follow @FashOrganized on Twitter as @pinktaz60 :)

  42. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:
  43. I actually do not have a routine, but I really need to start. I try my best to remember to wash my face but most of the time I just forget. =/ Hopefully, if I win, I can start my routine with this!

  44. jen gersch says:

    i wash with soft soap

  45. jen gersch says:

    follow you [email protected]

  46. jen gersch says:
  47. wendy wallach says:

    i wash my face and also put on some anti-acne medicine

  48. wendy wallach says:
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