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New Year’s Eve Outfits 2012 #FashionFriday

New Year's Eve 2012 should be celebrated in style. I put a few outfits together to wear to a party that may have different attire. There's the fancy party and the not so fancy party.   New Year's Eve 2012 Fancy by fashionablyorganized   This little jacket was what started this outfit. It's a wonderful little jacket that can be used for years to come. New … [Read more...]

5 Faves of 2012

At the end of a year I like to look back at all of the products I have tried over the year, and which 5 products stand out from the crowd. Yes, I do actually still use a lot of what I review, but there are always products that are stand outs and worth honorable mention. These 5 are this year's standouts! This is in no particular order so I only numbered to identify the pictures. 1. My … [Read more...]

I {heart} Plaid #FashionFriday

I have to admit that plaid is one of those fantastic patterns I've always loved, but don't wear a lot of. With Christmas right around the corner, and the quintessential "plaid holiday" I thought I'd share some great plaid finds. I bought 1 of the items below. Can you guess which one? I {heart} Plaid by fashionablyorganized featuring a sheer hosiery Almost everything in this … [Read more...]

Virtual Piggy Is Teaching My Kids Financial Strategy Early

We're about to embark on teaching our kids the art of financial strategy, and I can thank Virtual Piggy for helping me hammer this home for my kids. As an on-line allowance, wish list and Virtual Piggy bank my children are heading into 2013 learning to manage their finances. I finally finished creating our chore/behavior chart system that will revolve around credits. For every 20 credits … [Read more...]

Today is Thank A Teacher Day

In our rushed world, we rarely have an opportunity to show our appreciation for those who spend 6 hours a day with our children. Those who give of their time and brilliant minds to help our own children to stay safe, comfortable, loved and to help them grow. On Monday, December 17, 2012, take a moment and thank a teacher. Send her an email, a card, a bouquet of flowers. Create a “thank you” … [Read more...]

Putting Old Slides on DVD With YesVideo

When I decided to do this project I started it out in the pursuit to surprise my dad with converting his old slides onto DVD. I never thought that YesVideo doing this for me was much more than a gift to my father. It was a gift to my entire family of memories long forgotten, or in some cases unknown. When I got the disc and started looking through the pictures I was stunned. I got to see a … [Read more...]

My Week With The Acura ILX

You may recall that I posted about getting to test out an Acura ILX for a week. I had such a blast with the car, and I have to tell you that I didn't even go through a whole tank of gas in that week. Yes, you read correctly less than 1 tank of gas, and I even took a little road trip with my husband. That's the great part about having the Acura ILX Hybrid. In Los Angeles NOTHING is 5 … [Read more...]

My New Booties are JustFab

I will be the first admit that I'm not usually a bootie wearing girl, but when my Shania's arrived from JustFab I was instantly in love. I put them on and they fit perfectly, and matched pretty much everything in my wardrobe, so you can imagine how these booties have now become the shoes at the front of my closet. If you've never shopped at JustFab, you just hurry over there and check out … [Read more...]

Satchels & Totes For Less

How about a new bag for the new year? Don't worry you don't have to go and spend a small fortune. You can get a new winter tote or satchel for less. I won't tell anyone your secret bargain shopper skills. Satchels & Totes For Less by fashionablyorganized featuring leather tote bags Did you find a great bag for less this year? … [Read more...]

Shirt Dress & Boots #FashionFriday

I've been loving the way a shirt dress and knee high boots evokes such a timeless effortless look. I decided why not share my latest Boho love with all of you. Take your casual shirt dress to the next level with some brown scrunchy boots. Casual Shirt Dress by fashionablyorganized featuring a tee shirt dress When you take that flowy shirt dress, and add some pointy toe knee high … [Read more...]

Decorating Dry Erase With Duct Tape

Several years ago on a parenting board I frequented someone came on to talk about how her husband made a wallet out of duct tape and showed a picture. It was hysterical to me, and yet I was unaware of what was to come. Now there are books and DIY projects revolving around making things with Duct Tape. When I was at BlogHer in August Duct Tape was giving out their new line of Duct Tape sheets … [Read more...]

#MakeupMonday Conair MiniPRO Irons

I was standing in Target aisle of hair pins when I look and see these cute little Conair MiniPRO hot irons, and thought they were so cute! Just as I thought that I couldn't imagine they worked very well, because of their size. Stop right there! As we have all learned that you never judge by the size right? So, I got one... I got the Conair MiniPRO You Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler first and I loved … [Read more...]

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