Putting Old Slides on DVD With YesVideo

When I decided to do this project I started it out in the pursuit to surprise my dad with converting his old slides onto DVD. I never thought that YesVideo doing this for me was much more than a gift to my father. It was a gift to my entire family of memories long forgotten, or in some cases unknown.

That's me! Aren't I cute as a baby?

That’s me! Aren’t I cute as a baby?

When I got the disc and started looking through the pictures I was stunned. I got to see a picture of my paternal grandmother feeding me a bottle. She died when I was 4.5. There aren’t many pictures of us together, and that means a lot to me.

Showing them to my father was a true treat though. He’s the photographer behind most of the pictures and he got to see them in color for the first time. The quality of the pictures though are the true gift. These pictures are really well done in their digital format. He was getting to see some pictures that were 45 years old for the first time in color. It was pretty spectacular.

my older brother at less than 1 year old

my older brother at less than 1 year old

I found a fantastically embarrassing picture of my older brother that I decided to post on Facebook. Then there were some gorgeous baby pictures of my brother that made me want to eat up that little monster. Funniest part was seeing all of the pictures of him and thinking how much E looks like him.

my mom and grandmother (her mom)

my mom and grandmother (her mom)

I think that my father saying to me after seeing the pictures that he wants to go through the box and get the rest of the slides done and send them to YesVideo, says how wonderful the YesVideo transferring process was.

My suggestion to you this holiday season is give your loved ones a the gift of their memories. There’s nothing like it, and YesVideo does this gift perfectly.

The slides I sent in to be transferred were done given to me by YesVideo to facilitate this review. The opinion above is my own swayed only by my inner Fashionista.

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