Leather Piece + Sweater = Great Outfit #FashionFriday

Leather can make any outfit have an edge, but mix it with a sweater, and you have the ultimate hard and soft mixed together for the perfect juxtaposition in an outfit. Think of it as putting a hard and soft edge together.

Note: that when I refer to leather I am referring to both real and faux leathers. I have no particular presence either way, so feel free to real or faux to your delight.

This great red leather skirt with a beautiful sweater that has sequins within it. You can wear an outfit like this out for the evening, out with the girls.

Leather Skirt + Sweater


Putting together these leather jeggings and a sweater is the chic answer to the question on how to wear leather jeggings.

Leather Jeggings + Sweater


Taking a beautiful leather jacket and pairing it with a sweater is a great standard way to modernize any outfit.

Leather Jackets + Sweater



Have you ever paired a leather piece with a sweater? If so, tell us your great combination.

It’s Fashion Friday all around the web…

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  1. I want to love the red leather skirt, I just can’t see myself in it. Actually, I rarely wear skirts of any kind. I like leather shorts though!

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