Making A Dresser Fit For A Princess

For my daughter’s 4th birthday this month we got her a play kitchen for her room. She has a tiny room and the large doll house and wide dresser made this play kitchen virtually impossible to fit. I did not worry. I budgeted for her birthday to include a new dresser and I wanted to make it for her.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 2.09.10 PM

Make it meaning find one I could make my own, not chop down wood and build my own furniture. Since Ikea is as close to chop down wood as you can get in the suburban jungle of Los Angeles I got her the Tarva 5 drawer dresser. The best part is that it was unfinished so I could finish it any which way I chose.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 2.11.47 PM

With the help of my husband we picked out a very pale pink Olympic paint. The color is Bubble Bath in a Satin finish. I painted all of the wood pieces BEFORE I put the dresser together.


I added some vinyl decals in a floral damask design from Feelin’ Froggy Signs & Designs Etsy shop. I want to add that if not for my friend Kadi I would have drowned in the possibilities here, so thanks to her for [virtually] holding my hand during the shopping portion of this project.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 2.22.00 PMI found these Diamond Shape Crystal Glass Drawer Pull on Amazon and for $30 for 10 pulls. E (7) asked me if they were real diamonds when I put them on the dresser. Don’t I wish?

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.22.19 PM

Lastly I lined the inside of the drawers and the inside of the back wall with Self Adhesive Shelf Liner rugby chevron graphite.

Dresser Collage

Once I put it all together A hugged me tight and said “oh thank you mommy for my new closet, it’s so pretty, I love it.” Yes, it’s a dresser not a closet, but it doesn’t matter because I knew I made something she loved.

Her giddiness this morning when she pulled her clothes out for school is all I needed to know I made a dresser fit for my Princess.

So for just over $200 I was able to make a custom dresser fit for a Princess.

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  1. Gorgeous! You make it look so easy that I almost want to go make one for my two girlies. :)

    • If you can read Ikea directions then you can do this. Putting the dresser together took FOREVER, but all Ikea furniture takes a long time. This one is pretty easy for anyone.

  2. So creative! That looks fabulous!

  3. Oh Candice I love this! It looks beautiful and so adorable that your daughter loves her new closet.

  4. Well done! Did you have to put poly on top of the paint and decals?

    • Thank you! No need to poly. I may have to do it to the one I had to split at the drawer to keep the little pieces down, but I’m playing wait and see right now.

  5. It looks absolutely fantastic. Great job Candice. I’m not surprised that she loves it, it truly is fit for a princess.


  1. […] took her table and chairs and used the I Love Pink and used the paint from when I painted my daughter’s dresser to do the seat and trim over the chalkboard center. I covered both pinks with the Speck-Tacular […]

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