Salma Hayek Nuance at CVS Makes Quite An Impression

When I began working in Social Media, I met the most amazing friend who turned out to be a mentor and lifeline. I’ve posted about her before, but as a reminder her name is Romy of Romy Raves. For the purposes of today’s post she became my introduction into the great line at CVS Nuance Salma Hayek. She had a Girl’s Night Out at her house a few weeks ago, and we got to try out all of the great new Nuance products.

Nuance Party Collage

We sat in her dining room and began trying all of these great products. I was instantly drawn to the nail polish because I was in desperate need of a manicure. I painted my nails with this beautiful navy blue color called Nightshadow. There were a lot of great colors, it was hard to decide. The best part is that the nail polish lasted 7 days without chipping. That to me is a great nail polish, and at $5.99 that’s hard to beat.

Nuance nail polish Collage

We got to go home with a goody bag filled with skin and hair products. It was perfect for me because there were great products for aging skin. I have to tell you that I am so pleasantly surprised by how much I like the AM/PM Anti-Aging products, and I have been using them non-stop.

Nuance Products Collage2

I have to say that not only did I have a great time hanging out with my friends, and doing my nails, but more importantly I got to try out some great new products.

I was given the Nuance Salma Hayek products to try. The opinion above is my own swayed only by my inner Fashionista.

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  1. Love that Romy had a girls night out! The nails are fab!

  2. Great summary of the night, Candice. I am loving the products, too. Although it is funny that my left ring fingernail stayed blue for over a week…

  3. I recently met Romy at an event and have been enjoying her blog since! What a great night… friends and beauty products… yes please!

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