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5 Essentials For Spring

You may remember last week I was going to a Macy's fashion show to learn about the 5 essentials for the Spring from Daniel Musto. When I got there it was great because not only was Daniel Musto explaining the Spring Essentials, but the Macy's buyer, Caprice Willard was there as well. Caprice is also a judge on the NBC show Fashion Star. The best part was that instead of 5 essentials for Spring … [Read more...]

Maybelline Color Whisper™ by Color Sensational®

I want to thank the first person who had the thought that making a lip balm with full color was a good idea. To me Maybelline's new Color Whisper™ by Color Sensational® is the perfect blend lip balm and color. It's such a great idea and my lips have never felt better. I admit that I have a lip product addiction, but I rarely buy more than 1 color from the same line. That's not the case with … [Read more...]

Beauty Like A Rose #WordlessWednesday

This week's theme for Wordless Wednesday: Smell The Roses. I know in my mind what the means (yes Kim I do), however, I just saw these shoes at Macy's last weekend, and they were as beautiful as a rose to me. So this week I chose to show something I find beautiful. P.S. if you buy these please tell me how awesome they are … [Read more...]

Celebrity Couples Reveal their Home Color Makeovers

I've always been a big believer in the idea of color for your walls. Although, my house has been compared to a box of crayons I don't mind. Each room gives a feeling simply by the virtue of the color of the walls. I'm not afraid of color, but I know I'm the minority. Until now... Celebrity couples Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott as well as Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum have teamed up with the … [Read more...]

Trend Spotting – Black & White

Don't worry I haven't given up on color, but I am loving the black and white look that is everywhere in fashion right now. The best part about black and white though is that it goes with everything else you have black and white. OK maybe you can't mix all patterns together, but you'd be surprised at what you could achieve in a black and white look. You can dress it up or dress it down. You can … [Read more...]

Macy’s Spring Fashion Event

Come preview the season's trends and let our stylist show you the five Spring Essentials that can take your wardrobe from drab to fab! I'll be here: Macy's Pasadena on Lake, Pasadena, CA Follow me through the hashtag: #5Essentials OR you can join me below: Grab your front row seat and meet Daniel Musto celebrity fashion stylist and costume designer for NBC's, Fashion Star. at a 2pm … [Read more...]

The Fresh20 Makes Meal Planning Easy + #Giveaway

I may be organized in many many ways, but meal planning I cannot seem to get my head wrapped around. I've tried method after method after method. I think my hatred of cooking may have something to do with it. I can cook, and I'm good at it, but don't like doing it. It doesn't take me to the zen place that so many claim to go, so of course meal planning just seemed like a chore. All of this stopped … [Read more...]

Green Jeans For Spring #WordlessWednesday

Today's theme is Spring. I can think of no better example of Spring then these green jeans from Joe Fresh at JCP. … [Read more...]

10 Great Spring Nail Colors

Spring is here when it comes to fashion and beauty. I am really loving the nail colors that have been popping up by every nail polish brand. Trends include: pastel colors. Think Easter colors like mint, pink, lilac and yellow. Colors with prism within them in either a glitter or metallic foil form. There's also every shade of blue you can think of. I'm personally loving ice blues. Let's not forget … [Read more...]

Mint Color Inspiration #FashionFriday

This Spring you'll be seeing a lot of this light green color that is called mint. It's not turquoise or blue or a true green but more of a white washed green. It is a fresh clean feeling color that makes you feel like you've entered a cool breeze. Beautiful maxi dress in a mint print, screams Spring, and has nothing but femininity to it! Mint Maxi Dress by fashionablyorganized featuring … [Read more...]

Create a Family Communication Center

This last weekend I did an organization presentation at the local IKEA for their BYOF event. Here's a tutorial of what I did at IKEA. Supplies: - magnet board –SPONTAN magnetic board at IKEA - magnet tape - cup for holding markers – GRUNDTAL (w/out hook) at IKEA - file folders - magnets – SPONTAN magnets pack of 4 at IKEA - dry erase markers – MÅLA white board pens at IKEA - markers … [Read more...]

Garnier Dark Circle Under Eye Corrector Rocks

I was genetically blessed with dark under eye circles, no matter how much sleep I get they never go away, and many concealers just don't do the trick. Recently, I found the Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller, and I'm in love. I've tried a lot of concealers for this problem, and many are great, but unfortunately they don't last through the day, or they're too thick. However, this one is … [Read more...]

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