My friend Kadi has to go to a AYSO conference this weekend and is mandated to wear a particular shirt that is 20 million sizes too big, and well….not pretty. She reached out to me for help on making her feel pretty while wearing this:

Kadi Collage1

faces altered to protect the innocent

Sometimes there’s only so much you can do right? So why not have a little fun with it?

I thought these cute leggings with studs at the bottom and a pair of wedge sneakers would add a little glam, while staying “sporty”. A little mustache necklace add some fun to what would otherwise be a dreary outfit. The belt is good for synching but may not work on every body type.


Victoria’s Secret stretchy pants / Forever 21 pointed shoes / Forever 21 jewelry / Forever 21 necklace / Forever 21 wide waist belt / Mustache Studs | FOREVER21 – 1039804901


For this one I have 2 variations on the same outfit. It all comes down to accessories…I love my dENiZEN jeans from Target. They are skinny jeans that feel like pj’s. You can wear these and be comfortable all day. I am also enthralled with these spiked wedge sneakers. I want a pair!


Stretch skinny jeans / Charlotte Russe wedge shoes / Forever 21 rhinestone bracelet / Forever 21 anchor necklace / Forever 21 belt / Lacquered Anchor Studs




Which one do you like best? Do you have any alternatives for Kadi?

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