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Blue – Fall ’13

Every year 1 color stands out as all of the fall articles are published in the numerous fashion magazines. This year it seems that a deep or royal blue is showing up in every aspect of fashion. Add a little or a lot to your outfit and you would be considered au current! You can add it as nail polish or a pair of shoes, but no matter which way you choose to add it to your wardrobe I promise you'll … [Read more...]

5 bags – Fall Inspired

Yes fall bags are here, and I'm trying to decide on what to get and which style/color would be best for my needs this fall. I decided to pull together the looks that are inspiring me right now. While I cannot necessarily afford to buy any of these, they certainly set the tone for my fall shopping. These bags represent the best of this falls inspiration. What do you think? 5 bags - Fall … [Read more...]

Menswear Inspired

There is a sexiness factor that cannot be disputed when wearing Menswear Inspired clothing for women. Whether it's a structured jacket or jeans with a tuxedo stripe down the side the effect is nothing but stunning classic chic! This fall there's no reason why you can't reach out buy yourself an menswear inspired piece. Even consider teetering on the line of sexy. Wear a black suit with no shirt … [Read more...]

Momswisdom: Never Wear Sweats Out of The House

I know it sounds crazy to say this, but one of the things my mom taught me that I'll never forget is not to walk out of the house in sweats. I know it sounds weird but it stuck with me. It sounds incredibly shallow, but consider the meaning in those words. My mother was giving me a message that is more important then sweats. If you want to be taken seriously then show the world that you are … [Read more...]

Show Your Style With Social Media Jewelry

Are you a social media maven with style? Then why not show your style and social media prowess with a piece of social media jewelry right? I love the way you can show you love to be social online with accessories. I put together a few of my faves so far, but am always looking for more. I can't decide what to make my first piece of social media jewelry though. Social Media Jewelry by … [Read more...]

I Made This: La Patisserie Embroidery

In just a few short weeks I will have a beautiful new niece. She will be the first child of either of my brothers and I couldn't be more excited. I had to bust out my embroidery hands and start making her some stuff. I found in A's closet an Aden + Anais blanket in white that we never used or even washed. It was brand new, and I thought why not make the blanket a little sweeter (pun … [Read more...]

Back to School Looks For Mom

Who said that back to school season is just for the kids? When I was a kid I loved back to school shopping. I was lucky to have an amazing ritual of going back to school shopping with my grandmother. I feel like if she was alive today I'd still do a back to school shopping trip for her but as mom. While you're out shopping for your kids remember to get your back to school look put together. Do … [Read more...]

Trendspotting: Camo Jeans

This fall you are going to see a lot of Camo in everything from hair accessories to shoes. But I thought I'd start you off with the biggest part of this trend: jeans. If you asked me a year ago if I wanted a pair of camo jeans I would have thought you were nuts, but this trend has really grown on me. Now I'm dying to find just the right pair. Camo Jeans by fashionablyorganized featuring … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Is Tiring

Sometimes, when you're 4 years old summer vacation and vegging out is so draining. I look at her like this and feel sorry for all of her hard work watching TV AND going to camp AND coloring AND playing with her toys. An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

5 Beauty Must Haves Right Now (Under $10)

I'm a beauty product junky and I freely admit it. The nice thing about my job is that I get samples sent to me often. However, there are times where I literally feel overwhelmed by all of the products and just put everything away and pull out the must haves. The good thing is that my must-haves often change because I find something I love even more than something else. Yesterday I took stock … [Read more...]

Feminine Shoes & Accessories

Sometimes you want to add the ultimate in feminine touches to your outfit, and there is no better way to do that than some jewelry and shoes. There is something that you get by adding a little floral dainty rhinestone setting that adds a little girlyness to your look. Think Victorian or French accents to get a feminine flair. Adding pearls and rhinestones is always a safe way to go feminine … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Shopping Old Navy Style

So now my boys are old enough, at 9 and 7.5, to pick out their clothing I gave them a chance to pick out an outfit for themselves for back-to-school shopping.This last weekend I took the boys to Old Navy, and told them to pick out a new school outfit. J, my 9 year old said he wanted a new pair of jeans. We went to the different sections, and we discussed the different fits, and he settled … [Read more...]

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