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Pirate Jealousy

This week's theme is Jealous/Envious. Who are more jealous or envious then pirates? An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

What I Would Wear to the Emmy’s With My Spellbinders Bracelet

I was sent a bracelet that was made by Spellbinders, which happened to be in the Emmy swag bag. It had me wondering whose Emmy dress would match my bracelet. I was tweeting with the ladies of MomSmack and sponsored by Spellbinders. We had so much fun dishing on the night, plus you know commenting on things like "what was she thinking?" and "that was dumb" were part of the evenings … [Read more...]

Add a Denim Jacket This Fall

The nights are getting chilly as we head into fall, and you need to throw something over the maxi dress you wore during the day. Have no fear the always in style denim jacket is here. A denim jacket is a staple every woman should have in their wardrobe. It's a great addition to your summer looks to transition into the fall weather. Go with a more modern fitted version or a standard boxy version. … [Read more...]

A is for…Growing Too Fast

Today's theme for Wordless Wednesday is change. My 4.5 year old drew her first A last week, and I think a little part of me died inside. It made me realize that this simple thing is just another huge change in her. An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

Old Navy For Fall ’13

I recently spent some time perusing the Old Navy site and even went to the store to look some more. I've come out loving about 4 million things. Why not share my obsession with you right? One of fall's latest look sis coated jeans. Why not try The Rockstar Coated Super Skinny in Ideal Teal. I love the color and the look of these jeans they could be my main staple all fall because the color goes … [Read more...]

The Return of The 80’s

My daughter likes wearing headbands, so I bought her a pack of 4 at Target. One of them is orange, and it reminds me so much of what I wore when I was just a little older than her. An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

Curvation Helps Shape Our Beauty

Sometimes your body isn't the most comfortable especially if you have large breasts. Finding a bra that helps you feel more comfortable isn't always the easiest thing to do. However Curvation bras focus on bras for women with larger chests. I for one, appreciate that. I appreciated it more when they sent me 2 bras to try, because I saw for myself how they achieved their goal in … [Read more...]

How To Wear Camo Jeans

As I wrote a few weeks ago we're seeing a lot of camo jeans this fall, and I realize that it's hard to tell whether a chic fashionista can wear a pair of camo jeans, and I'm here to tell you YES you can! You don't have to look like you're entering boot camp , or battle to make this trend chic and feminine. With a few lady-like touches you can make your camo jeans look and feel like your everyday … [Read more...]

Tips For Shopping School Supplies

I need to confess to you something that I cannot quit: buying school supplies. Yes, I've graduated to pretty office supplies for the most part, but truth be told when back-to-school time is upon us, and I can't help but get giddy inside. Just like I did when I had that school supply list in my hands when I was in school. Every office supply store and discount chain has school supplies, and you … [Read more...]

Nail Art With Jamberry

Are you looking to rock that fantastic nail art without all of the muss and fuss? No problem because the Jamberry Nail Wraps are perfect and easy to use. With every design possible AND the create your own design you can just stick them on and worry no more. I was sent a sample of these great nail wraps and decided to mix them up with a nail polish that I already had that happened to match … [Read more...]

Quiet Play at The Park

It's a good thing we took the kids to the park. They know how to run it out, and get down and dirty. Or did they? An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

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