Archives for March 2014

Stay Matte by Rimmel London stays matte

Rimmel London came out with a new foundation called called Stay Matte, that says it stays matte all day long and so I wanted to see if it stays true to it's name. I succumbed to the hype of a new foundation because of two reasons: 1) I have oily skin and a matte product must be tried and 2) it was in my low budget price range. You want to know if it lives up to the almost 5 stars it gets at Ulta … [Read more...]

Over my head – Wordless Wednesday

Some days  you just feel like your in over your head right? Other days you just have to look at what's actually over your head... Golden Gate Bridge January 2014 An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

Beginning my weight loss journey

I know I've been missing from the blogosphere for almost 4 mo now, but I have good reason. I went into what is called a depressive episode from my Bipolar II due to lack of medication which was a result of lack of funds/insurance to buy my meds. However, the good news is I'm back on meds crawling back to life and making myself accountable for myself not just mentally but physically too. Today I … [Read more...]

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