10 Easy Ways of Working the Little Black Dress

Any girl who has is a regular on the social circuit would know that splurging on a new cocktail dress for every evening out can burn a rock-sized hole in her pocket. Sure, you’ve already bought a million cocktail dresses online over the last few months, but even those don’t seem enough.

Therein lies the importance of owning a well-fitting little black dress (LBD). It is this savior that helps us survive through any tricky event and come out of it with flying colors. It is timeless and a must-have piece of clothing in every girl’s wardrobe.

Although it is well-established that the LBD is always a dependable option, you don’t want to be seen wearing the same one too frequently! It just isn’t the right thing to do and will not work well for your image. Innovation is always a good thing. You need to be innovative and come up with different ways of donning the LBD and steal the show every single time.

Mentioned ahead are a few tips and tricks that will help you spice up your LBD in different ways.

1. Add Some Color to It

Think bold, think bright, think contrast. Adding some color to the dress will eliminate the mundaneness of the all-black theme and instantly add a new dimension to it. You could choose to add color to a particular part of the dress. It could be the neckline, the sleeves, the waistline or the hemline. Get a thin strip of lace/ ribbon in a color of your choice stitched over one or two of the mentioned areas and give your LBD a face-lift.

2. Fancy an Embellished Collar

Got a thing for embellishments and want to highlight your slender neck? There’s a way to do that. Get yourself one of those detachable collars and stick a few embellishments or beads on to it. You can use glitter as well. Attach this collar to your high-necked LBD and voila, it has been transformed into a new dress! Wear this with simple studs and high heels and watch heads turn in your direction.

3. Put on a Neon Bomber

So you thought the LBD cannot be worn for a casual evening out with friends? Think again. This versatile little thing will work as the perfect casual ensemble if you just pair it with a neon-colored bomber jacket. Nothing gets funkier than this. Neon orange, green, blue, pink or yellow, teamed with black, it would make for a striking combination.

4. Belt It

A metal belt can do wonders to add interest to your LBD look. A simple metallic belt worn snugly around the waist will work well in accentuating your figure too. Be mindful of this, however, and try it only if you have a slim waistline. Putting a belt around a big waist will only bring attention to it and might look a tad awkward.

5. Go over the Top

I bet you never saw this one coming. I’m talking about wearing a t-shirt or a shirt underneath your LBD. You could also call it layering. Wear a t-shirt beneath it for a casual look. For a more formal approach, a button-down shirt or a turtleneck would look just perfect. Since your dress is black in color, it is advisable to layer it with grey or white. Coolness!

6. Jewel-ify It

Got a necklace that you don’t wear anymore, but don’t quite feel like giving it away? Well, we just found a great way to put it to good use. Simply stitch it around the collar of the LBD like an embellishment. This is a quick way to lift the look of the dress and break the monotony of black all over.

7. Go Floral

Florals never go out of fashion and girls love these classic prints. They’re perfect for any occasion as they effortlessly add an element of femininity, fun and boho chic to any outfit. You’re going to need a slightly bigger flower or a floral brooch which can be pinned to the side of your dress and you’re ready for your evening garden party. And don’t forget to wear your heels!

8. Wear it like a Skirt/ Blouse

Modify your LBD instantly to work as a black skirt or a top. It’s simple – all you have to do is pick your favorite top and wear it over your black dress as if you were wearing a top over a black skirt. Conversely, wear a colorful skirt over the dress as if it were a black top. So basically, one LBD can work as 3 different things.

9. Accessorize

Accessorizing your outfit is a surefire way of trendifying it. All you need are a few good statement pieces or add-ons and you’re sure to transform your look. Each accessory speaks for itself so make sure you don’t load up. Accessorizing the LBD isn’t difficult since black goes well with almost all colors. You could wear a striking scarf around your neck for a smart casual look. Or you could wear a bold necklace with it (and no other jewelry).

10. Get Sneaky

Heels aren’t the only footwear that are meant to be worn with LBDs. After all you can’t go for an afternoon of shopping wearing stilettos. You could go bold and try wearing your LBD with a pair of good-looking sneakers. So comfortable, so sassy and so punk! Now who wouldn’t appreciate your cool quotient!


A high-quality LBD is a classic and a fashion investment that’s worth every penny. You would probably conjure up more ideas if you were to treat it like a black canvas and paint it differently with your imagination for each occasion. If you can think of some more cool, creative and fashionable ideas to rock the LBD, do let me know about them in your comments.

Millie Rainer writes about a variety of things such as DIY, hospitality, fashion, and tech. She is looking to build up her authority as a blogger – so she is excited to explore new topics. Follow her on Twitter @MillieRainer.

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