5 Swimsuit Trends That Will Never Let You Down

Summer means the sand and the sun and not wanting to come out of your pool or the beach. It is also the time to update your swimming suit collection and wear some trendy pieces to revel in style this season. This is no uphill task for those who regularly buy new bathing suits every now and then and are abreast with the latest fashion trends that are doing the rounds. But what about the rest? If you happen to fall in the latter category, there is no need for you to fret as there are options galore that you can opt for. Here are some points that will help you in this direction:

Go for the retro look  

It seems that retro look will never ever go out of fashion. Think of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and of course the 90’s for some retro-inspiration for your swimwear as well. You can either go for pop colors (think lava lamps) or certain prints (hippie symbols anyone?) that are clearly ‘a blast from the past ’! The same holds true for choosing certain cuts that were a hit amongst the fashionistas in that era. In fact, there are endless swim wear that strike a great balance between the vintage and the present date fashion that you can try.

Sport a sporty piece

When you are unsure as to which variety of swimwear will suit you, a safe bet would be to go for a sports inspired swimwear. Many modest bathing suits fall under this category and look every bit suave and chic. For instance, you can try a one piece suit that draws inspiration from scuba/snorkeling gears or opt for something that are in bright neon colors associated with sports jerseys. If colors are not your cup of tea, you can also get them in monochromes that look quite elegant and classy; trust me, they are always a win-win option.

Try something quirky

Think that matching top and bottoms way too mainstream and want to experiment with your look? Set your imagination free and opt for a mismatched bikini top and bottom to make heads turn as you go for a splash. My personal favorite is a plain neutral shade bottom with a funky printed top in a riot of colors. For example, you can wear a black bottom and choose a tropical print top that will truly give you a ‘summery’ look. Team them up with a cap and aviator shades and you will definitely earn some fast fans. Don’t forget to try some bold nail colors on your toes and fingers to complement your overall appearance.

Grab something with digital prints  

You loved them in your T-shirts and other tops and not it is time to incorporate them in your bikinis, tankinis and other types of swimwear. I am talking about digital prints here, which will definitely make you fashion forward. You can choose any print that you fancy be it polka dots, hearts, geometrical patterns, abstract paintings, symbols and signs, florals and of course some lovely animal prints. Don’t hesitate to pick up any bold print that you can find at a store and wear it like a boss!

Embellishments galore

Embellished swimwear is another trend that you need to try this summer. Chunks of metals, diamante, hoops and even fabric frills add interesting details to your swim wear. Both colorful and monochrome bathing suits with embellishments look dainty on women and accentuate their looks. This is particularly true for the ones having a lanky figure. You can benefit immensely from these as they tend to give you the appearance of a fuller figure.

In Conclusion

These are some of the choices that you can have when going shopping for swim wear this season. I am sure that you will get some take away from this entire write-up and hit the beach or pool in style. If you too have some styling tips for our readers, feel free to share the same via your comments.

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