Stylish Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women

With every new season comes the urge to rebuild the wardrobe. Spring will soon be here and bring with itself new trends and several fashion updates that true fashionistas cannot do without.

And while fashion keeps changing, style stays eternal. It makes sense, therefore, to work on developing your own unique style which reflects who you are, while working the latest fashion trends into it.

Spring calls for a complete revamp of the preceding winter wardrobe. This means ditching the heavy sweaters and the salt-stained boots and embracing lighter and brighter garments.

Although you may have given your wardrobe a face-lift several times already, I won’t be surprised if the thought of doing so once again leaves you bewildered.

Wardrobe makeovers have more to do with quality and less with quantity. Having a few timeless pieces of clothing is far better than having an ocean of clothes that just don’t make the cut.

It helps to have a crisp white cotton t-shirt, a silk shirt, a pair of the timeless blue jeans, and the classic black pumps handy as they are always a safe bet to slip into, whatever the occasion.

Here are few more suggestions that you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe.


Vintage T-Shirts

Nothing says eternal like a vintage t-shirts do. The best thing about them is that you can pair them with anything and you will always look cool.

Tea-Length Skirts

These fabulous skirts are a cross between a midi and a maxi skirt, and are perfect for spring. While they will keep your legs covered, they are roomy enough to provide you with the comfort you need to keep wearing them throughout the season. Pair them with crop tops for a combination that is sure to make heads turn.

Something in Black-and-White

Outfits in monochrome or a combination of black and white colors never go out of style. Pick up t-shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses or light blazers in monochrome, if you don’t already have something in this mélange. It’s an all-time fashion favorite and a definite must-have in every spring wardrobe.

Ripped Jeans

Take your cool quotient a notch higher this spring by donning a pair of ripped jeans in a color of your choice. Every celeb has been wearing them and it’s about time you rocked them too. If you don’t want to buy them, simply use a blade to rip up one of your old jeans and breathe new life into them.

Floral Prints

Fun, feminine, flirty, and classic – these are the words that are used to describe spring fashion, and floral prints are all that and more. Spring is the season when you want to bring color back into your wardrobe, and what better way to do so than with themes of flowers in your tops, skirts, trousers, jackets, and scarves?


Surprised to find this on our list? Well, don’t be. Sweatpants are always comfortable. Wear a cozy pair with fitted tops or oversized sweater and you’ll know you’ve made a wise choice. Add a few accessories to your look and head out in them. They’re perfect for spring. Take your pick from among the regular-fit or slim-fit options, or simply make your own sweatpants. The choice is yours.

Wide-Legged Pants

Out with the skinny pants, and in with the wide-legged variety. Team them up with smart, fitted t-shirt in solid colors, slip into your heels, pick up your clutch and you’re ready to make a statement.


Strappy Sandals

Time to tuck those winter boots away and bring out all the strappy numbers you own. Whether they’re in black, red, blue, green, in pastel or neon shades, strappy sandals are a surefire hit in spring.

Ballet Flats

Want to slip your feet into something comfortable and relaxing? Then ballet flats are your best bet. Not only will they relax your feet, they will also make them look chic. Don’t underestimate them as they’re capable of making a fashion statement by themselves.


Every girl ought to have at least one pair of good-quality heels. Whether you’re heading to your office or going for an evening out with your BFFs, these feminine shoes are perfect when you want to make an impact, which makes them a must-have.

Running Shoes

With the advent of spring, it’s time to hit the jogging track yet again. Whether you run on the track, go to the gym, take a hike outdoors, or decide to explore the city on foot, a pair of running shoes will always hold you in good stead.


A Leather Handbag

While your leather jacket will have to find its way back into the winter closet, the leather bag need not meet the same fate. A good leather handbag may set you back by quite a few hundred (maybe even thousands of) dollars, but it looks exceptionally stylish, lasts long and creates the kind of impact that bags made of other materials do not. It’s functional too. Get one in a medium-to-large size and carry your smartphone, iPad, leather wallet, and makeup along wherever you go.

Understated Jewelry

Delicate and ultra-feminine jewelry with nature motifs look best when worn in the spring season. Put your chunky fineries away and bring out the subtle earrings, necklaces and rings. The idea is to keep things simple and classic.

Cool Sunglasses

Come spring and the sun will gradually start to make its presence felt. Beat the sunrays with a pair of chic sunglasses in a shape and style that complements your face and makes you feel like a star.

A Snazzy Watch

With the long-sleeved sweaters and jackets coming off, spring is the time to accessories your wrist with a fashionable watch. Wear it by itself or layer it in between several colorful bangles, and you’re sure to announce the arrival of spring!


With all these pointers on hand, all you need now is a little bit of inspiration to spruce up your spring wardrobe. Now may be a great time to start working on putting it together as it would be complete and ready by the time the season sets in. Adding the above-mentioned essentials to it should help you stay stylish throughout spring.

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