Tap into Your Winter Wardrobe for Summer Style – 5 Great Tips

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How awesome would it be if you didn’t have to splurge on newer items each season just to dress according to the weather?

It’s easy to transition from summer to winter wardrobe, but not quite the other way round.

It can, however, be accomplished by some smart thinking on your part.

As you start moving all your winter clothing to another part of the room or pack it all in suitcases to put it out of your sight, you might want to spare a thought for some of the items that can be a part of your summer wardrobe as well.

No, not the sweaters, the winter coats, the woolen hats, and the mittens! But hopefully your winter wardrobe was more versatile than that.

Read on for 5 tips to tap into your winter wardrobe for summer style.

Pull out All Your Semi-light Clothes

You may have worn heavy woolen clothing during winters but it’s time to banish it to the back of your wardrobe. Do persist with the semi-light clothing though.

Not all woolen tops are equally warm; some are actually light and fun and can be played around with for beautiful effects.

Pull all your light winter clothing out for fun combinations coming up ahead.

Pair Heavy Tops with Light Bottoms

girl in heavy top with light bottom

Depending on where you live, summers may or may not be a very hot affair for you. For the purpose of this post, however, we are assuming hot summers (mercury in 90s) and transitioning our wardrobe accordingly.

Roll up the sleeves of your light woolen top and wear it with a flowing gypsy skirt. Similarly, wear your favorite satin top with a pair of denim shorts.

The rule of thumb is to pair a heavy piece of clothing with a lighter one. This combination will keep you cool and well ventilated, which is something you definitely need if you are wearing anything other than a sleeveless top in summers!

Don’t Stash Away the Booties

ankle boots to be included in summer wardrobe

Boots are universally synonymous with cold weather and it’s true we wouldn’t suggest anybody to wear knee-length leather boots in summers.

Ankle and strapped booties, however, can be incorporated into your summer wardrobe.

They will go beautifully with denim of any kind, as well as with the summer staple – shorts of all kinds!

Since booties will cover up your feet, you will have to make sure you only wear them if you are lightly dressed otherwise. Covered feet trap body heat and make us feel hotter on sunny days. To avoid that, either pair the booties with a light top and a pair of shorts or only wear them in the evenings when it’s relatively cooler.

Winter Accessories Stay As Relevant As Ever

season proof accessories

Beautiful clutches, dazzling neck pieces, and big chunky gold-studded earrings were all the rage in fall-winter 2014 collections.

Since accessories are season-proof, keep using them in the hot months as well.

Gold sparkles even brighter under the sun. So wear it with pride and flaunt it all you want. A pair of gold-plated chandelier earrings on an otherwise minimal outfit can make heads turn wherever you go.

Pearls were hot too, so persist with a pearly bracelet for effortless style to go with a carefree summer outfit.

Turn Shirts into Tops

turn shirt into tops

Grunge was big last season. If you had fallen for it and bought a shirt or two, get rid of the sleeves and wear it for summers.

You can do the same with any top that you would want to wear throughout the year. Customize your clothes so that you can get more out of them.

If chopping off the sleeves of your beloved grunge shirt sounds excessive, wear it on a spaghetti top and a pair of denim shorts, as pictured above.

You will look cool, stylish, and totally dressed for summer without having to spend a dime on anything new!

Bonus Tip: Buy More of All-season Clothes

What is all-season clothing?

Basically anything that isn’t made of wool, leather, or any heavy/warm material.

The operating premise here is that you can dress yourself up in endless layers to protect yourself from the winter chill but you can only dress yourself down to an extent when dressing for summery weather.

A light cotton shirt will stay relevant throughout the year. In summers you can wear it as just one layer, cool, breezy, and stylish, in autumns with a light shrug on it, and in winters with a cardigan and a peacock winter coat forming two layers on top of it.

Divide your new purchases into 70% all-season clothing and 30% season-specific clothing. Transitioning stylishly from one season to another will become a breeze for you every time!

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