Bohemian Rhapsody: Soul-Stirring Style Inspiration from Camilla Franks

With fashion design, as with any art form, I find that certain design aesthetics speak specifically to me.  I can look at a particular designer's work and say: "That is me.  That is what I feel I look like on the inside - and how I want to show it on the outside." Recently I experienced this kind of style inspiration when I came across Australian designer Camilla Franks' current collections: … [Read more...]

Fall Boot Style Inspiration – Discover Kiboots

I know it's only August, but I'm already excited for fall's boot-friendly weather! When I saw these Kiboots ankle and cowboy-style boots on I knew I had to share them! These Boots Were Made For Adventure by mizz-maddox on Polyvore I love the rich, soft and smooth leather juxtaposed next to the textured and durable fabric inspired by ancient kilim rugs.  They're chic and … [Read more...]

Turquoise Peep Toe Pumps

So I saw these shoes yesterday on T.I.L. Darling- the newest (and most affordable, in my opinion) in the boutique-brands-for-less websites - and I fell, well, head over heels.   Turquoise Peep Toe Pumps from T.I.L. Darling by mizz-maddox on Bow Peep Toe Mary Jane Heels   They're chic, they're in my favorite color and … [Read more...]

Bejeweled! Gem-Colored Items to Inspire Your Wardrobe

Amethysts.  Emeralds.  Rubies.  Sapphires.  Fashionable ladies have been loving and rocking these semi-precious stones since days of the Cleopatra.  But you can add these gorgeous colors to your wardrobe even if you don't own the jewels these rich and royally-colored pieces are inspired by.   Bejeweled by mizz-maddox featuring high heel shoes Jewel tones are a sophisticated way … [Read more...]

The Casual Professional: Dressing To Network At A Sporting Event

We know how to dress for a baseball game (casually); and we know how to dress for a networking event (professionally).  But how do you dress when the two come together as one? As a Bruin alumna I am proud to support my school by staying active within the alumni community.  And as an aspiring business woman and entrepreneur I see my alma mater as a great opportunity to connect with potential … [Read more...]

From The Cubicle To Cocktails

Ahhh the first days of summer!  It's a great time of year here in Southern California with our warm, sun-lit nights - the perfect weather for heading out for cocktails or dinner alfresco after work! But who wants to be caught out and about in a stuffy, business-appropriate outfit?  Below I've put together a fun outfit - based on my office staple (get it?), the pencil skirt - to go from the office … [Read more...]

Etsy Jewelry Gone Wild!

I really, really, really, REALLY love jewelry.  In fact, I think I like shopping for jewelry more than I like shopping for clothes (Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!).  And when I'm in the mood to find unique jewelry that is on trend and affordable, I turn to Etsy. I choose Etsy as my go-to jewelry shopping site of choice because I love the variety of styles available.  Where else can you go to find a … [Read more...]

Hot! Hot! Hot! Neon Summer #FashionFriday

Neon is all grown up!  Colors once reserved for 80's theme parties and elementary school friendship bracelets can now be found in pretty chandelier earrings and chic button-up blouses - just in time for summer! I love how easily neon pieces can be color-blocked together or with neutrals and how they bring so much light and fun to any outfit!  To avoid looking like you are heading out for a date … [Read more...]

Mix N Match Prints

I really love wearing prints - and summer is the best time of year to find some really funky ones! Even more fun than wearing one great, statement print is mixing and matching different prints together to create a look that is truly unique.  Afraid you'll clash?  Stick to some basic rules like balancing a loud and colorful print with neutrals like black, beige or gold!  Make sure to keep your … [Read more...]

Namaste-Inner Peace Through Fashion: #FashionFriday

Life is crazy.  No longer do we have hours to ourselves to while away, pondering the meaning of life.  So it's important to make the time to do something to reconnect ourselves with our bodies and with the present moment.  I, like many women, do this through yoga. Most of the time, however, I find myself cramming my hour of meditation and self-centering between various other obligations.  And … [Read more...]

Coral Craze! This Season’s Hottest Color

There’s no question that spring & summer fashion is full of eye-popping color for clothing, accessories & beauty.  But there is one bright candy color I can’t get enough of this year: coral. When it comes to makeup one can’t go wrong with coral – it’s universally flattering for every skin tone, adding just a touch of feminine color.  Coral is this year’s pink, but more grown up than … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day: Gifts For The Fashionista Mama

Chances are, if you're a fashion savvy lady, your personal style has been influenced by your mother - even if you hate to admit it.  As girls our mothers begin to shape our fashion personality from a young age. Sometimes it's because we want to wear things specifically because our mother hates it (only to look back later and say: "What was I thinking?!  Mom was right!  That outfit DID look … [Read more...]

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