7 Ways to Look Gorgeous Without Spending Much Time or Money

  The cosmetic industry would love to sell you thousands of products that make the vague promise to “restore youth and vitality to your skin”. If you are like the rest of us, your bathroom is probably full of different creams, masks and treatments aimed at reducing wrinkles, and improving the glow that is associated with healthy skin. Did you know that there are seven, easy and … [Read more...]

Tailoring and Fashion Clothing: Secrets Behind a Well Dressed Lady

When looking at an impeccably dressed person, one thing about their outfit will always stand out: the fitting of their clothes. The secret to looking polished and put together is choosing clothes that are perfect for your form and don’t hang on your body, or worse, are too tight for you. Sometimes all it takes to make an ordinary outfit look amazing is a few subtle nips and tucks in the right … [Read more...]

Easy Hair Care Tips as per Your Hair Type

A healthy, well-kept mane makes all the difference between an appearance that makes heads turn and one that leaves much to be desired. However, damaged and unhealthy hair frequently becomes the cause of complaints for most people, even though the solution for all such grievances are readily available in the pantry of their homes. To make things simpler for you, mentioned ahead are a few home … [Read more...]

Stay Matte by Rimmel London stays matte

Rimmel London came out with a new foundation called called Stay Matte, that says it stays matte all day long and so I wanted to see if it stays true to it's name. I succumbed to the hype of a new foundation because of two reasons: 1) I have oily skin and a matte product must be tried and 2) it was in my low budget price range. You want to know if it lives up to the almost 5 stars it gets at Ulta … [Read more...]

Simple extensions with Secret Extensions

Want to change up your hair by making it longer and fuller in just seconds? Have you thought about extensions but don't want to commit? That's OK because now there's Secret Extensions. For a fraction of the cost of extensions and in seconds you can have the hair length you love. The secret is the revolutionary patented headband which is completely invisible! Simply place it on like a headband … [Read more...]

Metallic Nail Polish

This fall you'll see a multitude of metallic polishes around the beauty world, and they are divine. Some are not as bold as others, but the on thing you can count on with these polishes a big wow with your nails. The metallic nail polishes now have holographic colors swirling through them to take the colors to the next level. Here are a few of my faves right now. Essie For the Twill of … [Read more...]

Nail Art With Jamberry

Are you looking to rock that fantastic nail art without all of the muss and fuss? No problem because the Jamberry Nail Wraps are perfect and easy to use. With every design possible AND the create your own design you can just stick them on and worry no more. I was sent a sample of these great nail wraps and decided to mix them up with a nail polish that I already had that happened to match … [Read more...]

5 Beauty Must Haves Right Now (Under $10)

I'm a beauty product junky and I freely admit it. The nice thing about my job is that I get samples sent to me often. However, there are times where I literally feel overwhelmed by all of the products and just put everything away and pull out the must haves. The good thing is that my must-haves often change because I find something I love even more than something else. Yesterday I took stock … [Read more...]

Michael Todd a Stand Out In The Organic Beauty Crowd

Last month I was introduced to Michael Todd True Organics by my beauty guru friend Romy of Romy Raves. She gave me a very big bag filled with beauty products, and one of the brands in there was Michael Todd, and a ton of their great products. I've tried them all and can say for sure that Michael Todd is a true stand out in the crowd of organic beauty brands. Michael Todd true organics represent … [Read more...]

Luxurious Summer Lip Colors at Every Price

I don't know what happened this summer but my lip color collection multiplied quite a bit. Some were sent to me, and some I just had to try, but suddenly I have a whole new arsenal of lip color, and I'm really happy. In case you don't know this I'm a lip color junkie. I am perpetually getting new lip colors, and I'd be a liar if I didn't warn you that I currently own over 25 lip colors. I … [Read more...]

A Few Summer Must-Haves Courtesy of #JerseyLove

This summer I have a few beauty must-haves to share. They are from L'Oreal and are great for everyday on the go in the sun. I am also loving my Havaianas flip-flops, and have worn them ever since I got them. It may have something to do with the leopard print I got, but that's a whole other story. Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Liquid Silk Lotion for Face SPF 30 is a great face non-greasy … [Read more...]

Revlon BB Cream & Love Potion Mascara Has Me Photoready

Revlon's latest in BB Cream and Mascara are just what I needed for the summer to make it easy to get lightweight make up together and ready. Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector BB cream, which stands for Beauty Balm, is a multi tasking lotion that provides the greatest assets of many different lotions in one. HYDRATES like moisturizer SMOOTHES like primer COVERS like … [Read more...]

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