7 Ways to Look Gorgeous Without Spending Much Time or Money

  The cosmetic industry would love to sell you thousands of products that make the vague promise to “restore youth and vitality to your skin”. If you are like the rest of us, your bathroom is probably full of different creams, masks and treatments aimed at reducing wrinkles, and improving the glow that is associated with healthy skin. Did you know that there are seven, easy and … [Read more...]

My Graffiti Inspired Nails by Sally Hansen

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I was given the task of creating my own graffiti nail art.  After hours of trial and error I have come up with some cute summer inspired nail art to share. It all started with a much needed trip to Walgreens (@Walgreens) to get my Sally Hansen nail art supplies (@SallyHansen). This isn't an easy task. I mean what direction was going to go? What … [Read more...]

Leopard Print Makeup

This fall beauty brands are taking on making the actual product printed, not the case, but the product. They aren't doing just any print, but leopard print. The first one I saw I thought it was a one off thing, but now I'm seeing it over and over again. I love leopard print, and love the innovation behind a printed beauty product. The Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer $28  While certainly on … [Read more...]

Rev Up Your Skincare Routine

Welcome to Molly Malone who is guest posting for me today! Think about how you care for your skin. You probably wash your face once or twice a day, moisturize if you’re dry, use toner if you’re oily, maybe throw on some anti-aging night cream before bed – which is an absolutely fine routine for some people. However, some of us require a little more TLC. We have overly dry or oily skin, acne … [Read more...]

Mascara Wand for Hair Dying

It was 2 weeks ago that I discovered the most ingenius thing I've ever thought of: Using an old mascara wad to help me get the little hairs and eyebrows when I dye my hair. All these years, and there have been a lot, that I have been dying my hair it never entered my mind to go get an old mascara wand to help me get the little hairs in the front that although I put dye on don't seem to catch … [Read more...]

Go Herbal: Benefits of Using Herbal Shampoo

Commercial shampoos and their alluring advertising can convince even baldies to buy the shampoo being advertised and swear by them. After all, who would not want to buy into the promise of long, thick, lustrous hair? Trouble is, commercial shampoos that promise you the moon, are often riddled with more harmful chemicals than you would dare to slather on your hair. The Risks in Commercial … [Read more...]

Purple Eyeliner Has Met Its Match

In the last 2 years we've seen purple eyeliner as one of the bright pop eye colors of the season. It is a great color to accentuate your eyes without being over the top. I like to pair my purple eyeliners with a very light purple eye shadow. It can temper down a bright purple eyeliner, and it softens the look. Here are some great examples of purple eyeliner: Almay intense i-color eyeliner … [Read more...]

Makeup.com: The Beauty Place To Be

Looking for a beauty one stop shop? Look no further than the ingenius Makeup.com, a place where beauty experts and bloggers come together collaboratively to share everything beauty. It's no secret that I am a beauty junkie. I still remember buying my very first lipstick, which was my very first beauty product. I was 12 years old, and rode my bike with my best friend to the beauty supply store at … [Read more...]

Sparkle Eye Shadow

This season sparkly shadow is easy to find, and an inexpensive way to bring festiveness to any holiday party outfit. Thanksgiving is over, and we are embarking now on the Holiday Season. Everyone is thinking of gift shopping and holiday parties. Pick up a some sparkly eye shadow the next time you're out and about. The L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in … [Read more...]

#BlogHer11 is 1 Week Away – Make-Up

I'm a beauty product junkie I can say that out loud and proud. My favorite product, without a doubt is lipstick/lipgloss. But for BlogHer this year I'm keeping it light. There's no need to do it up, and I wanted to help you keep your make-up light, or at least give you some of my favorite basics. There are some basics I'd like to recommend to get you looking like a rockstar. 1. Face & Eye … [Read more...]

I Was Just A LaserAway

A few weeks ago I was invited to try some services at LaserAway. I decided I'd get my underarm hair removed. When I arrived at the West Hollywood location of LaserAway, there was a wonderful welcome from the owner and his sister who is helping run that location. Todd was very informative and was so welcoming to us. He explained how LaserAway (@laseraway) started out with plastic surgeons … [Read more...]

Having Fun With Shatter Polish

This weekend I wanted to do some fun nail polish so I mixed my Orly matte polish in turquoise with the the OPI black shatter polish on top. I love the way it came out, and just wanted share this fun combination. The shatter polish is so much fun, that I'm going to do the new silver polish I just bought underneath it. I promise to share photos. … [Read more...]

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