Summer Hair Must Haves – Fashion Friday

Last weekend I was running late to my niece's graduation party. I didn't have time to wash my hair as I had earlier intended. While I was at Target buying her present I came across some great products that I had to share to help with your summer hairstyles. If you're anything like me you need to get your hair off of your neck when out and about. I keep hearing and reading about how great dry … [Read more...]

iFabbo Is Truly Fab

Last week I was lucky enough to go to a great event hosted by the ladies of iFabbo Sinead  and Tania of Beautisol.  It was located in a magnificent space in West Hollywood, Bollare. I'll first gush about the space. It was this interior design buffs absolute dream, gorgeous wallpaper and red crystal chandeliers. Yes I took pictures of the chandeliers (seen below). Bollare represents … [Read more...]

The Concealer That Conceals It All

I'm dedicating my Tuesdays to Beauty products.  Today's beauty product came up on Saturday when my mom needed to borrow some make-up.  She asked for concealer and I gave her my Benefit Erase Paste.  "Wow this really conceals it all," she said.  I couldn't agree more. My mom has an age spot on her face and it concealed that. However, if you are inflicted with the unfortunate adult acne problem … [Read more...]

The Affordable Make-up Report

Three weeks ago I compiled the suggestions of the Social Media Moms for affordable make-up.  Given my current economic status I had to pair down my expenses, and all of the frills go first.  Here are the results of all of the items I tried from the great suggestions I got.  If you want to see the affordable make-up suggestions I received make sure to read here. My first stop was e.l.f. … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Korres is Divine

Several months ago I decided that I needed to give my make-up a major overhaul so of course I go across the street from my office to make-up mecca or 1 of my favorite stores ever: Sephora.  I walked up to the check out counter and said I needed to find someone who is good with foundation.  One woman immediately said I'll help you.  She turned out to be the west coast district make-up trainer … [Read more...]

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