Fashion Essentials for Girls to Stay Warm and Stylish On Your Winter Trips

Packing for winter travel can be tricky. While you can’t resist going out in the snow doing all those fun activities like skiing, snow drifting or simply tossing snowballs, staying warm and toasty amid all that chill requires a good deal of fluff around your body. And let’s face it, as sweet as winter travel is, winter clothes take an unfairly large amount of space and carrying too much baggage … [Read more...]

Tailoring and Fashion Clothing: Secrets Behind a Well Dressed Lady

When looking at an impeccably dressed person, one thing about their outfit will always stand out: the fitting of their clothes. The secret to looking polished and put together is choosing clothes that are perfect for your form and don’t hang on your body, or worse, are too tight for you. Sometimes all it takes to make an ordinary outfit look amazing is a few subtle nips and tucks in the right … [Read more...]

Tap into Your Winter Wardrobe for Summer Style – 5 Great Tips

How awesome would it be if you didn’t have to splurge on newer items each season just to dress according to the weather? It’s easy to transition from summer to winter wardrobe, but not quite the other way round. It can, however, be accomplished by some smart thinking on your part. As you start moving all your winter clothing to another part of the room or pack it all in suitcases to put … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Purchase Swimming Costumes Online

As you've most likely officially found for yourself, shopping online for swimming outfit dress and other swimwear garments can be heaps of fun. Really, its scarcely astounding that such a variety of individuals are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs. If at any time you wish to overhaul your closet, you'll discover web shopping to be a significant asset, especially for the individuals … [Read more...]

The smart fashionista’s guide to transition wardrobe from warm to cooler weather

Some people love the idea of shopping for a new wardrobe every season and others simply squirm at it -especially those who don’t have the dollars to go for drastic makeovers every season. What is the alternative then? Well, you can continue wearing your summer clothes paired with chunky sweaters in 10 degree Celsius weather, except it doesn’t quite look great. It doesn’t stand out, and is … [Read more...]


My friend Kadi has to go to a AYSO conference this weekend and is mandated to wear a particular shirt that is 20 million sizes too big, and well....not pretty. She reached out to me for help on making her feel pretty while wearing this: Sometimes there's only so much you can do right? So why not have a little fun with it? I thought these cute leggings with studs at the bottom and a pair … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: White Hobo Bag Under $500 #FashionFriday

Dear Fashionista, I have been looking for years for a fabulous white leather hobo that cries Jimmy Choo but is under $500. Andrea of Great Thoughts Dear Andrea, You asked and so you shall receive. I have put together a few bags I found that I think fit you description perfectly! I hope these work for you. White Hobo by fashionablyorganized featuring hobo … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: Party In Chicago Wardrobe Help

Dear Fashionista, Help! I'm going to Chicago in March for our son-in-laws surprise 40th. They are coming from CO with other 35-40+ yr olds. My daughter has arranged for some evenings at sports bar and Wrigley Field. What is a 60+ yr old to wear?? My daughter is an up-to-date fashion, trendy gal - Pam Dear Pam, You won't believe this but my hubby is from Chicago, and so your request for … [Read more...]

Little Black Dress Styling #FashionFriday

Dear Fashionista What style of LBD would you recommend for a SAHM who has to cart around 3 kids to therapies, playdates, and activities, not to mention teaching 5 days a week...and on a body that is a little less fit than it used to be (specifically the upper arms, waist, and hips)? -Tina After my post on Monday 1 Black Dress 5 Different Looks, my friend Tina left the above message on my … [Read more...]

#StyleMeChic Adding Pieces to Andrea’s Outfit #BlogHer12

Do you have an outfit that's halfway there, but you just don't know how to finish it? Andrea of Lil Kid Things needed help finishing an outfit for BlogHer '12. I've joined this fantastic group of bloggers called Chic Blogger Network, and today we are starting a new carnival called Style Me Chic. I took Andrea's outfit and gave her 2 options to finishing it to bring the wow factor to her already … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: What Do I Buy For My Vacation?

Dear Fashionista, I have no style & get overwhelmed & depressed by clothes shopping. I want some new outfits to wear when the hubs & I go on vacation & it would be nice to have more then one pair of pants but freaking a I suck at shopping for myself. -Shana of Shanamama Shana and I have become great friends in the last 2 years and she even asked Fashionista to help with … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: Living Room Makeover

I received a question recently, from a friend and reader about helping her with a living room makeover.I should be thanking Shana for seeking out my advice, because this living room makeover was so much fun to do. Dear Fashionista, I am in desperate need of designing help for my living room. I love bold but my husband likes more neutrals. I do have a painting that was my Grandparents that I … [Read more...]

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