Neutral Tones With Blue For Your Home

Although I have a love for color in the home I do understand that there are people who just can't do it. Neutrals can be done really well with a pop color that is more muted and appealing to those who do not want saturated colors. For color inspiration I thought I'd go with the Autumn Rays palette by Design Seeds. You can see here the different shades of neutral you can incoroprate with just … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: Help With The Extra End Of Belt

Dear Fashionista, What the hell do I do with the ends of belts when they stick out too far on the other end? Is there a double sided tape made specifically for that kind of thing? Halp! - Mary (@MamaMaryShow) of The Mama Mary Show Dear Mary, If you go to Target to where they have the mass choices of invisible tape you'll see Scotch makes double sided tapes. There's actually one that is … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: Getting Rid of Clothing – #FashionFriday

Dear Fashionista, I always wear the same thing even though I have tons of clothes. Once and for all I'd like to purge what I'm not wearing. It's just in my way, and I detest clutter. What criteria do you have for keeping or purging? Thanks. -Dawn (via) Dawn is a dear on-line friend, who I've known for a long time. She is an uber organized woman, so I was shocked to get this request. Having her … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: Need New Day Wear – Fashion Friday

Dear Candice, I’d love to have you help me for every day. Since I’ve gained a little weight, I don’t have a clue on what to wear. Connie of Brain Foggles (@ConnieFoggles) I asked Connie some basic questions and got that she's more of a square shaped frame, and doesn't want to wear any kind of heel. Her biggest no-no is that she doesn't like to have her upper arm exposed. Connie, Since your … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: What Do I Wear To BlogHer? – Fashion Friday

Candice, I have been reading your posts on BlogHer fashion and I love all the information you are giving! I am stuck and no idea what I should wear! I am a jeans and tshirt(tank) kinda girl and I live in flip flops! I carry a cheap small purse from target when I am out and about and then a tote bag for a diaper bag. I no fashion sense apparently. I am terrified on making a fool of myself in the … [Read more...]

Beautiful Size 11 Shoes – Fashion Friday

Dear Fashionista, I am tall, and have size 11 feet. I can never find shoes that I love because of my big feet. I want to wear cute shoes like everyone else. Can you help me find shoes? - Mary (@MamaMaryShow) Dear Mary, I have tons of options for you. With WNBA stars wanting to feed their inner Fashionista there are many brands that have size 11 shoes. Not only that, but there are now brands … [Read more...]

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