5 Reasons Drawing is a Great Hobby

Drawing is more than just doodling on paper. It’s a form of visual thinking, a way to express emotions and a healthy way to occupy your mind. Take a look at 5 of the main benefits to drawing, and why it makes for one of the best hobbies. 1) It offers an outlet for creativity Drawing allows you to express your inner creativity, whether it’s by expressing your emotion through sketching or by … [Read more...]

How to Nab Kids Designer Clothing For Less

The debate on whether buying expensive kids designer clothing is a good or bad idea has been going on for ages. At first glance, some parents impulsively react that of course, it's a total waste of money! But some parents argue that it really depends on some important factors like age of the child or purpose for buying those outfits. One parent in a discussion forum said that buying toddlers … [Read more...]

Fashion Essentials for Girls to Stay Warm and Stylish On Your Winter Trips

Packing for winter travel can be tricky. While you can’t resist going out in the snow doing all those fun activities like skiing, snow drifting or simply tossing snowballs, staying warm and toasty amid all that chill requires a good deal of fluff around your body. And let’s face it, as sweet as winter travel is, winter clothes take an unfairly large amount of space and carrying too much baggage … [Read more...]

How to Pair Traditional Jewelry with Indo-Western Outfits like a Boss!

For Indian women, no outfit is complete without pretty trinkets. They not only have the west for inspiration but also have plenty of choices when it comes to the vintage or traditional jewelry/accessories that are often heirlooms passed down generations! Gone are the days when traditional jewelry was strictly meant for traditional wear such as sarees, lehengas, salwar suits etc. Nowadays, they … [Read more...]

Tips to Find the Best Fashion Clothes Online

These days, people are more interested to go online for buying their favorite clothes. The reason is because, there has emerged several reputed online sites that have been offering a variety of designer fashion clothes meant for all ages and gender. All the person needs to do is to have a high-speed internet connection and a device with which he can browse through the different sites like Myntra, … [Read more...]

What You Should Look Out for Christmas Gifts?

Christmas is one of the greatest festival of this world and nothing new can be said about its rituals. But a lot can be said or discussed about the wide range of gifts that you would look forward in this season of festivity. Many glittering products are decorated with nice colorful package as Christmas gift hampers. You can make your own gift hamper by bringing individual products. So here lies … [Read more...]

Tailoring and Fashion Clothing: Secrets Behind a Well Dressed Lady

When looking at an impeccably dressed person, one thing about their outfit will always stand out: the fitting of their clothes. The secret to looking polished and put together is choosing clothes that are perfect for your form and don’t hang on your body, or worse, are too tight for you. Sometimes all it takes to make an ordinary outfit look amazing is a few subtle nips and tucks in the right … [Read more...]

How to Make This Summer a Fashionable Affair

All hail the summer days! It’s that time of the year when most people slip into their favorite pair of denim shorts and loosely-fitted tops to welcome the bright and sunny weather. But, why not change the norm this year? This summer, let your attire reflect the latest fashion trends as you enjoy the weather by looking your best. Allow me to take you through these trends to keep in mind when … [Read more...]

New Wedding Trends – Mismatched Bridesmaids

When it comes to how your bridesmaids should look, or what you should choose for them, one of the top wedding trends that are found is that all of the bridesmaids choose their dress and their look for the day, but still get to stand up with the couple when they recite their vows. This is something that is going to provide everyone with a way to express their own unique individuality, but provide … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Have A Fairy Tale Wedding Without Breaking Your Bank

Planning a wedding never came easy for any would-be bride. The trial of the wedding gown, bridal shower or bachelorette party, selection of wedding favors, tasting of cake requires much thought and preparation. On the top of everything, it is a must to look every bit radiant on the day of the wedding. And although the expenses for the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding events and … [Read more...]

Tap into Your Winter Wardrobe for Summer Style – 5 Great Tips

How awesome would it be if you didn’t have to splurge on newer items each season just to dress according to the weather? It’s easy to transition from summer to winter wardrobe, but not quite the other way round. It can, however, be accomplished by some smart thinking on your part. As you start moving all your winter clothing to another part of the room or pack it all in suitcases to put … [Read more...]

Stylish Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women

With every new season comes the urge to rebuild the wardrobe. Spring will soon be here and bring with itself new trends and several fashion updates that true fashionistas cannot do without. And while fashion keeps changing, style stays eternal. It makes sense, therefore, to work on developing your own unique style which reflects who you are, while working the latest fashion trends into … [Read more...]

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