Accessorizing for the Chilly Winter Season

Finding ways to keep cozy during the winter isn’t our only challenge. It’s one thing to stay warm, and another to look great with just the right accessories.On top that, if the weather reports are true, we’re looking at an especially frigid year. So, let’s look at some of the hottest ways to accessorize this season. Layering Clothing and Accessories During the colder months, there are many … [Read more...]

Barely There bra is simply The One

When I was sent the Simply The One bra from Barely There I thought yeah right. They all say they are the one bra you'll ever need, but in all honesty this one is pretty darn close. I say that because I never ever say 1 bra can do it all because we all know that we have bras for different reasons. However, for an everyday running around need a comfy bra the Simply The One bra is a great … [Read more...]

Blue purse to go with everything

This fall I wanted to change up my purse, but didn't want to go traditional dark colors. I decided to go with the ultra hip and very trendy blue purse. I found the perfect shape in the Satchel in Cobalt at Target, and didn't look back. I have to say it was the best purse decision I've made in a long time. It's perfect with everything, and I get compliments everywhere I go. It fits my … [Read more...]

What I Would Wear to the Emmy’s With My Spellbinders Bracelet

I was sent a bracelet that was made by Spellbinders, which happened to be in the Emmy swag bag. It had me wondering whose Emmy dress would match my bracelet. I was tweeting with the ladies of MomSmack and sponsored by Spellbinders. We had so much fun dishing on the night, plus you know commenting on things like "what was she thinking?" and "that was dumb" were part of the evenings … [Read more...]

Curvation Helps Shape Our Beauty

Sometimes your body isn't the most comfortable especially if you have large breasts. Finding a bra that helps you feel more comfortable isn't always the easiest thing to do. However Curvation bras focus on bras for women with larger chests. I for one, appreciate that. I appreciated it more when they sent me 2 bras to try, because I saw for myself how they achieved their goal in … [Read more...]

Blue – Fall ’13

Every year 1 color stands out as all of the fall articles are published in the numerous fashion magazines. This year it seems that a deep or royal blue is showing up in every aspect of fashion. Add a little or a lot to your outfit and you would be considered au current! You can add it as nail polish or a pair of shoes, but no matter which way you choose to add it to your wardrobe I promise you'll … [Read more...]

5 bags – Fall Inspired

Yes fall bags are here, and I'm trying to decide on what to get and which style/color would be best for my needs this fall. I decided to pull together the looks that are inspiring me right now. While I cannot necessarily afford to buy any of these, they certainly set the tone for my fall shopping. These bags represent the best of this falls inspiration. What do you think? 5 bags - Fall … [Read more...]

Show Your Style With Social Media Jewelry

Are you a social media maven with style? Then why not show your style and social media prowess with a piece of social media jewelry right? I love the way you can show you love to be social online with accessories. I put together a few of my faves so far, but am always looking for more. I can't decide what to make my first piece of social media jewelry though. Social Media Jewelry by … [Read more...]

Feminine Shoes & Accessories

Sometimes you want to add the ultimate in feminine touches to your outfit, and there is no better way to do that than some jewelry and shoes. There is something that you get by adding a little floral dainty rhinestone setting that adds a little girlyness to your look. Think Victorian or French accents to get a feminine flair. Adding pearls and rhinestones is always a safe way to go feminine … [Read more...]

Summer Accessories

Want to pump up the wattage on your old shorts and t-shirt look? No problem, add a few key summer accessories and you'll find yourself with a unique look, that isn't the old shorts and t-shirt you wore last week. Think neon colors, turquoise, mint and coral when pairing your outfits with accessories and you won't go wrong. Don't worry because it's easy to get accessories for under … [Read more...]

My iPhone Deserves the Pursecase

Several weeks ago my good friend Romy, stylista extraordinaire arrives with her iPhone in a pursecase, and I was in love. She pulled out her phone, e-mailed the ladies of pursecase and told them I was a fan, and they sent me one. As soon as it arrived I was giddy. I mean immediate Instagram post excited. This Fashionista is now #stylinanddialin! I have it in white, now I'm thinking I may want to … [Read more...]

Tracy’s Closet Is The New Place To Shop

I know that many of you ladies have some clothing, bags, shoes and accessories you want to get rid of, but not necessarily donate. How do you do that without having to do the expensive auction sites? Tracy's Closet has done exactly what you're looking for. You can earn points for getting rid of your stuff to buy someone else's cast offs. What could be better? How to shop: Can you imagine … [Read more...]

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