Mint Color Inspiration #FashionFriday

This Spring you'll be seeing a lot of this light green color that is called mint. It's not turquoise or blue or a true green but more of a white washed green. It is a fresh clean feeling color that makes you feel like you've entered a cool breeze. Beautiful maxi dress in a mint print, screams Spring, and has nothing but femininity to it! Mint Maxi Dress by fashionablyorganized featuring … [Read more...]

Floral Shoes #FashionFriday

Spring is coming and the flowers will start blooming any day now. Why not bring that floral feel to your shoes? This year you'll see a lot of floral footwear, and it's going to make any outfit feel fresh and fun. With every type of shoe you can find floral print so don't be scared of adding floral prints to your outfit. Floral Shoes by fashionablyorganized featuring flat … [Read more...]

Lemon Inspiration Outfit #FashionFriday

The color of a lemon is so crisp and inspires a sense of spring. Adding a little of yellow to an outfit makes things cheerful and fun. Mixing yellow with a little mint/turquoise and the color combination is sure to be a hit. Lemon Inspiration by fashionablyorganized featuring strappy sandals **** It's Fashion Friday all around the web... … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: White Hobo Bag Under $500 #FashionFriday

Dear Fashionista, I have been looking for years for a fabulous white leather hobo that cries Jimmy Choo but is under $500. Andrea of Great Thoughts Dear Andrea, You asked and so you shall receive. I have put together a few bags I found that I think fit you description perfectly! I hope these work for you. White Hobo by fashionablyorganized featuring hobo … [Read more...]

Wear a Striped Twill Jacket 3 Ways #FashionFriday

I came across this Striped Twill jacket from the Gap and I said "now there's a must-have". This jacket is the kind of jacket that could go with with anything and everything. I put together 3 looks to show how one key jacket in your wardrobe can create so many different looks and be te true game changer in your wardrobe. Put a sequin shirt and red skinny jeans with the jacket, and you have a … [Read more...]

Leather Piece + Sweater = Great Outfit #FashionFriday

Leather can make any outfit have an edge, but mix it with a sweater, and you have the ultimate hard and soft mixed together for the perfect juxtaposition in an outfit. Think of it as putting a hard and soft edge together. Note: that when I refer to leather I am referring to both real and faux leathers. I have no particular presence either way, so feel free to real or faux to your … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Clothing with Heart #FashionFriday

I love hearts. Yes, it's  a little known fact that I love clothes and accessories with hearts. Valentine's Day is awesome because you can score so much heart fashion, and stock up for a whole year worth of hearts. I couldn't resist pulling together some great heart fashion and accessories I found. Heart Fashion by fashionablyorganized Who can forget the shoes and … [Read more...]

What is that Velvet? – #FashionFriday

Velvet is the one material that no matter what has a regal connotation to it. Whether a pair of velvet jeans or a velvet dress we instantly get a feeling of being the queen. This year velvet is showing up in everything, and I have to admit I'm intrigued. I've been wanting a velvet blazer for the longest time, and now it seems they are easy to find, as they are a must have for your closet. Try a … [Read more...]

Emerald Green Style – #FashionFriday

I have red hair. No it's not natural. However, my  mother always said that if you wanted people to believe you were truly a redhead then you need to wear green. Emerald green being the best version of green to wear. Despite having red hair, and wanting everyone to think it's natural I've always loved emerald green. It's such a beautiful color, and the richness, and depth can bring any trend to … [Read more...]

Great Pieces with Ruffled Collars – #FashionFriday

There's something about shirts, dresses, jackets and coats with ruffled collars that are so feminine and beautiful to me. This year I'm drawn to them because of the classic nature. They have a foreign chic femininity that I really love, and is the essence of my personal style. I found a few great pieces so I had to share them with you. The Alli Miles Ruffle Collar Jacket ($90) at Neiman … [Read more...]

Shirt Dress & Boots #FashionFriday

I've been loving the way a shirt dress and knee high boots evokes such a timeless effortless look. I decided why not share my latest Boho love with all of you. Take your casual shirt dress to the next level with some brown scrunchy boots. Casual Shirt Dress by fashionablyorganized featuring a tee shirt dress When you take that flowy shirt dress, and add some pointy toe knee high … [Read more...]

1 Sequin Skirt 3 Ways: #FashionFriday

I love the idea of building a few outfits around 1 sequin skirt. The skirt can be worn so many different ways you could make it a holiday staple item. Add a cami and an oversize cardigan. Fun With A Sequin Skirt by fashionablyorganized featuring oversized clutch handbags   Then there is a fun romantic way with a chiffon sleeveless embellished top brings a lady-like … [Read more...]

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