Tailoring and Fashion Clothing: Secrets Behind a Well Dressed Lady

When looking at an impeccably dressed person, one thing about their outfit will always stand out: the fitting of their clothes. The secret to looking polished and put together is choosing clothes that are perfect for your form and don’t hang on your body, or worse, are too tight for you. Sometimes all it takes to make an ordinary outfit look amazing is a few subtle nips and tucks in the right … [Read more...]

Tap into Your Winter Wardrobe for Summer Style – 5 Great Tips

How awesome would it be if you didn’t have to splurge on newer items each season just to dress according to the weather? It’s easy to transition from summer to winter wardrobe, but not quite the other way round. It can, however, be accomplished by some smart thinking on your part. As you start moving all your winter clothing to another part of the room or pack it all in suitcases to put … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Purchase Swimming Costumes Online

As you've most likely officially found for yourself, shopping online for swimming outfit dress and other swimwear garments can be heaps of fun. Really, its scarcely astounding that such a variety of individuals are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs. If at any time you wish to overhaul your closet, you'll discover web shopping to be a significant asset, especially for the individuals … [Read more...]

Skater Skirt

Winter time is about getting yourself bundled up and prepared for the weather, and that can be tough to stay girly and chic when you want to stay warm. I'm here to say there are ways to get yourself girly in a winter way. The latest in fashion is a skater skirt. It's an a-line shorter skirt that really flatters everyone. You can do it in leather, faux leather, wool, cotton etc. I mean the … [Read more...]

5 things every woman needs this holiday season

The internet is abuzz with every gift guide you can think of for every person you shop for, but what about you? What do you need to survive this holiday season in a magnificent way? What will make life easier, and life keep rolling? I have 5 must haves that will make you feel and look as chic as you want to for the next few weeks. The undergarment Sometimes you need a little oomph to make … [Read more...]

Tops that shine under $50

It's that time of year where you need to pull out the shimmer, shine, glitter and glitz. Buy a top that has glitter, is beaded, shimmers or has sequins on it and you will bring the holiday season to your wardrobe quickly. There's no reason to feel like you can buy yourself a  shimmer top on a budget, and I've found a few great pieces sure to make you smile and shine at every holiday event this … [Read more...]

Obsessed with boots

As I've said for many years the best part of fall arriving is the boots. I love boots. Besides sandals they are my favorite shoes. Of course here in SoCal I have no need for snow boots, so my boot collection is more fashion, not as practical as some of you are. That doesn't stop me from loving a good boot. It makes me sad that it's still too warm here to wear my boots, but believe me I will as … [Read more...]

Blue purse to go with everything

This fall I wanted to change up my purse, but didn't want to go traditional dark colors. I decided to go with the ultra hip and very trendy blue purse. I found the perfect shape in the Satchel in Cobalt at Target, and didn't look back. I have to say it was the best purse decision I've made in a long time. It's perfect with everything, and I get compliments everywhere I go. It fits my … [Read more...]

Add a Denim Jacket This Fall

The nights are getting chilly as we head into fall, and you need to throw something over the maxi dress you wore during the day. Have no fear the always in style denim jacket is here. A denim jacket is a staple every woman should have in their wardrobe. It's a great addition to your summer looks to transition into the fall weather. Go with a more modern fitted version or a standard boxy version. … [Read more...]

Blue – Fall ’13

Every year 1 color stands out as all of the fall articles are published in the numerous fashion magazines. This year it seems that a deep or royal blue is showing up in every aspect of fashion. Add a little or a lot to your outfit and you would be considered au current! You can add it as nail polish or a pair of shoes, but no matter which way you choose to add it to your wardrobe I promise you'll … [Read more...]

Trendspotting: Camo Jeans

This fall you are going to see a lot of Camo in everything from hair accessories to shoes. But I thought I'd start you off with the biggest part of this trend: jeans. If you asked me a year ago if I wanted a pair of camo jeans I would have thought you were nuts, but this trend has really grown on me. Now I'm dying to find just the right pair. Camo Jeans by fashionablyorganized featuring … [Read more...]

Desert Me Time Getaway Looks from Wallis at Miraval Resort

Desert Me Time Getaway by fashionablyorganized featuring beaded jewelry Wallis red dress / Wallis black dress / Wallis aztec top / Wallis white pants / Wallis flat shoes / Wallis block heel sandals / Wallis wedge sandals / Wallis python purse / Wallis black bag / Wallis shopping bag / Wallis beaded jewelry / Wallis stretch bracelet / Wallis red bracelet / Wallis turquoise necklace / Wallis … [Read more...]

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