Solid Simple Maxi Dress

Looking for summer staple that will last you all through the summer and even into early fall? Well look no further than a solid simple maxi dress. These dresses can be worn dressed up or down. With sandals, wedges or heels. Add a shrug, blazer, sweater or scarf. Use bold jewelry or simple. The sky's the limit with a solid simple maxi dress. Below are a few I found for under $50 that would be sure … [Read more...]

Summer Look For Less

Summer is here in full swing. I've been looking at many different outfits and looks for the summer, but keeping in mind my budget is pretty slim these days. I was still able to put together quite a few looks for around $100. Here are a few to share. I will admit this look started with the bag. I own the bag, because it is so versatile and the pattern is awesome. This outfit simply expresses how … [Read more...]

The smart fashionista’s guide to transition wardrobe from warm to cooler weather

Some people love the idea of shopping for a new wardrobe every season and others simply squirm at it -especially those who don’t have the dollars to go for drastic makeovers every season. What is the alternative then? Well, you can continue wearing your summer clothes paired with chunky sweaters in 10 degree Celsius weather, except it doesn’t quite look great. It doesn’t stand out, and is … [Read more...]

Fun Flat Sandals Under $50

Yay summer is here and I can pull out all of my fun flat sandals again! Since I was a kid I've always loved wearing sandals. Every summer my mom would get me a new pair. Remember those Bass sandals everyone wore in the 80's? Yeah I had a pair. I still keep up the tradition of a new pair (or pairs) of sandals every year for myself, not to mention my kids too. Keeping myself on a super tight … [Read more...]

Personalize Your Shoe Shopping With ShoeDazzle

Thanks to ShoeDazzle for sponsoring today's discussion! ShoeDazzle is the original online personal-styling innovator treating millions of women to a monthly showroom filled with on-trend, personalized shoe and accessory recommendations. By building an intimate, customized experience through creative innovation, social engagement and world-class service, ShoeDazzle aspires to make women feel … [Read more...]

Shop With Spark Studio – It’s Shopping and Pinterest In One

Spark Studio is the fun, new, and exciting way to shop Walmart. They have created an innovative shopping experience that will give you the opportunity to shop how you want to. Inspired by Walmart shoppers, you can find and select items crowd-sourced by Pinterest users.  Find something you like? Pin it, or purchase the item through How to use Spark Studio Click on the arrows in the … [Read more...]

Tops With Feminine Flair

Add a little femininity! Add some girlyness. All you need a little ruffle, lace, flower to start with. Maybe you don't mind a little bit more than that so mix lace and flowers. Or a flowing top in a beautiful floral print. You can pair all of this with jeans, trousers a pencil skirt or pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Go for it! Tops With Feminine Flair by fashionablyorganized … [Read more...]

5 Essentials For Spring

You may remember last week I was going to a Macy's fashion show to learn about the 5 essentials for the Spring from Daniel Musto. When I got there it was great because not only was Daniel Musto explaining the Spring Essentials, but the Macy's buyer, Caprice Willard was there as well. Caprice is also a judge on the NBC show Fashion Star. The best part was that instead of 5 essentials for Spring … [Read more...]

Lemon Inspiration Outfit #FashionFriday

The color of a lemon is so crisp and inspires a sense of spring. Adding a little of yellow to an outfit makes things cheerful and fun. Mixing yellow with a little mint/turquoise and the color combination is sure to be a hit. Lemon Inspiration by fashionablyorganized featuring strappy sandals **** It's Fashion Friday all around the web... … [Read more...]

Leather Piece + Sweater = Great Outfit #FashionFriday

Leather can make any outfit have an edge, but mix it with a sweater, and you have the ultimate hard and soft mixed together for the perfect juxtaposition in an outfit. Think of it as putting a hard and soft edge together. Note: that when I refer to leather I am referring to both real and faux leathers. I have no particular presence either way, so feel free to real or faux to your … [Read more...]

What is that Velvet? – #FashionFriday

Velvet is the one material that no matter what has a regal connotation to it. Whether a pair of velvet jeans or a velvet dress we instantly get a feeling of being the queen. This year velvet is showing up in everything, and I have to admit I'm intrigued. I've been wanting a velvet blazer for the longest time, and now it seems they are easy to find, as they are a must have for your closet. Try a … [Read more...]

Pencil Skirt & Pointed-Toe Heels

There are so few things that feminine, classic, chic and never go out of style; pencil skirts with a pointed-toe heel is one of those great combinations. Pair any pencil skirt with a pointed-toe heel, and voila you have a combination that can be paired with any top you can think of. It can be dressed up to formal wear, or dressed down to a day out with friends. Whatever your inclination it doesn't … [Read more...]

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