Emerald Green Style – #FashionFriday

I have red hair. No it's not natural. However, my  mother always said that if you wanted people to believe you were truly a redhead then you need to wear green. Emerald green being the best version of green to wear. Despite having red hair, and wanting everyone to think it's natural I've always loved emerald green. It's such a beautiful color, and the richness, and depth can bring any trend to … [Read more...]

Great Pieces with Ruffled Collars – #FashionFriday

There's something about shirts, dresses, jackets and coats with ruffled collars that are so feminine and beautiful to me. This year I'm drawn to them because of the classic nature. They have a foreign chic femininity that I really love, and is the essence of my personal style. I found a few great pieces so I had to share them with you. The Alli Miles Ruffle Collar Jacket ($90) at Neiman … [Read more...]

Smells Like Roses

This year I'm committed to taking time to smell the roses. What better way then to actually get out and buy something with with roses. Given it's a hot trend it will only lend to reminding me stop and smell the roses. Smells Like Roses by fashionablyorganized featuring a sleeveless dress Are you wearing roses this year? … [Read more...]

Shirt Dress & Boots #FashionFriday

I've been loving the way a shirt dress and knee high boots evokes such a timeless effortless look. I decided why not share my latest Boho love with all of you. Take your casual shirt dress to the next level with some brown scrunchy boots. Casual Shirt Dress by fashionablyorganized featuring a tee shirt dress When you take that flowy shirt dress, and add some pointy toe knee high … [Read more...]

1 Sequin Skirt 3 Ways: #FashionFriday

I love the idea of building a few outfits around 1 sequin skirt. The skirt can be worn so many different ways you could make it a holiday staple item. Add a cami and an oversize cardigan. Fun With A Sequin Skirt by fashionablyorganized featuring oversized clutch handbags   Then there is a fun romantic way with a chiffon sleeveless embellished top brings a lady-like … [Read more...]

Ankle Strap Flats Under $50 – #FashionFriday

An ankle strap flat can be a great way to show a more feminine side to any outfit. There is an inherent sweetness to an ankle flat that is reminiscent of a ballet slipper.   Ankle Strap Flats Under $50 by fashionablyorganized featuring ankle strap flats When I looked at all of the latest fashions this year the summer sandals had ankle straps, which I thought were very cute. Now … [Read more...]

Burgundy Boots

It's boot time of year, and I am loving burgundy boots. I've been trying to find the "perfect" boot in burgundy, and didn't know which way to go. So I put a collage together of my favorite ones, and now I cannot decide which ones to get. I'm finding that the deep red boots look great in every style, but I seemed to gravitate to styles that are calf to knee high. Although I found them in many … [Read more...]

The Gold Collection – #FashionFriday

I don't why, but this year I've really gotten into the gold pieces that I now have deemed The Gold Collection. You may remember my gold inspiration on Etsy a few weeks ago. I've been finding that I really enjoy gold pieces to add to my wardrobe. More and more I'm seeing pictures of celebrity after celebrity wearing everyday clothing, but in gold. I can't help but long for a pair of gold jeans. I … [Read more...]

5 Blazers Under $50

This fall I had it in my head that I'd get a blazer to add to my wardrobe. Given my budgetary restraints, under $50 was what I needed. Low and behold it seems there are a lot more blazers I like under $50 than I thought I would. Here are 5 that I though were well worth sharing, and even considering buying for myself. 5 Blazers Under $50 by fashionablyorganized … [Read more...]

Navy Blue-spirational Styles

Fall is definitely here with it's powerful jewel tones and rich saturation of each color. However, navy blue has become the new black. Navy can go anywhere, and go with anything in your wardrobe. Navy blue can be integrated into your wardrobe at any price point, which is why everything I found below is under $50. Looking for a top that will go with any color bottom? Well give navy blue a shot. … [Read more...]

Etsy Style Faves – #FashionFriday

You may have seen my post about my obsession with the color gold, and all of the great finds on Etsy. During my virtual window shopping trip I came upon other items that I am in love with. I thought well let me continue to share my favorite style faves with you for Fashion Friday. To all my fellow Droid lovers I have found a super cute customizable case at Jessica Renee Design on Etsy. I love … [Read more...]

I’m Obsessed With… {Fashion.9.12.Ed.}

Lately I've been on line just "window shopping". I've pretty much become obsessed with some items. Every single one of these would be a great staple for the next 6 months. Here's what I'm Obsessed With...Fashion September 2012 Edition. Did I mention there're all under $50? Target Mossimo Burgundy Snakeskin Envelope Clutch ($19.99) ASOS Swing Dress With Long Sleeves in Red … [Read more...]

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