#StyleMeChic – 1 Black Dress 5 Different Looks

Having a Little Black Dress in your closet is the best investment you could make for yourself. It will never go out of style, and the possibilities are endless. 1 Black Dress 5 different looks... Look No 1 Little Black Dress Meets Red & Leopard by fashionablyorganized featuring duffel bags *********** Look No 2 Little Black Dress with Hot Pink by … [Read more...]

#StyleMeChic My Pinspiration

This week's Style Me Chic is to take a pin off of Pinterest and use it as inspiration for an outfit. So Pin + Inspiration  = Pinspiration. When I saw this green outfit it was love at first site. I decided there is no better inspiration then a gorgeous pair of slacks. I always think that trousers are the ultimate in classy sexiness. However, adding a pop color to that great cut is a perfect way to … [Read more...]

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