White Dresses For Summer

One sure sign of summer fashion is a white dress. There's a crisp coolness to the white dress that allows you to feel like light and cool during the summer heat. Buying a sundress is always part of the summer wardrobe, but this year the color of choice should be: WHITE. It feels modern and chic yet classic and stylish. To make it look easy and breezy an a-line shape skirt on your white dress … [Read more...]

Fun Flat Sandals Under $50

Yay summer is here and I can pull out all of my fun flat sandals again! Since I was a kid I've always loved wearing sandals. Every summer my mom would get me a new pair. Remember those Bass sandals everyone wore in the 80's? Yeah I had a pair. I still keep up the tradition of a new pair (or pairs) of sandals every year for myself, not to mention my kids too. Keeping myself on a super tight … [Read more...]

Add Some Color To Your Kids’ Wardrobe

This season it’s all about bright popping color. It’s not just for us as adults, but kids too. What I love the most about pop colors is that kids can really express who they are by layering bright colors together OR just one burst of color. Kids love color and so there’s no reason why they can’t express their love for color and their innate creativity with bold shades in their wardrobes. Boys … [Read more...]

The Great Gatsby Inspired Fashion

Today Baz Lerman's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby comes out in theaters. I love the fashion of the 20's and had to put together some Great Gatsby inspired looks. This is what I would say is a casual look. How much do you love the Kate Spade purse? Yes, that book is a clutch. The Great Gatsby by fashionablyorganized featuring dorothy perkins Karen Kane spread … [Read more...]

Shop With Spark Studio – It’s Shopping and Pinterest In One

Spark Studio is the fun, new, and exciting way to shop Walmart. They have created an innovative shopping experience that will give you the opportunity to shop how you want to. Inspired by Walmart shoppers, you can find and select items crowd-sourced by Pinterest users.  Find something you like? Pin it, or purchase the item through Walmart.com. How to use Spark Studio Click on the arrows in the … [Read more...]

Clear Heel Shoes

It's clear that there's a new trend in shoes (did you get that little joke?), and it's that heels have gone clear. This isn't the first time in history the clear or Lucite heel has been in high fashion. In the 70's wedges went clear, but now the clear heels are much more square. Yes, you can see it in wedges as well, but predominantly they are square heels of different heights. It's a great way to … [Read more...]

Maxi Dress Love

Now we're in full Spring season, and the maxi dresses are aplenty. I really want to get a new one, but there are so many fabulous options that I have a hard time choosing. Do I want a solid pop color or an ikat print? Stripes or ombre? It's so hard to decide, so I put together a few of my favorites for you to help. Maxi Dress by fashionablyorganized featuring an aztec dress Dress / … [Read more...]

NYDJ Spring/Summer 2013 Is Sure To Fit

NYDJ is renowned for The Original Slimming Fit, featuring the most comfortable and figure-flattering jeans you’ll ever own. For the 2nd year in a row I was invited to NYDJ Spring/Summer preview and I was so happy to do it. I love my NYDJ jeans from last year so much I wanted to be sure to check out what they had in store for me this year. They didn't disappoint. NYDJ Spring 2013 brings with … [Read more...]

Chevron Fashion on Etsy

In case it wasn't obvious by the background of my site, I am in love with damask, and everything damask. However, lately I find myself majorly drawn to chevron patterned items. I've always been a lover of clean mod lines and to me chevron represents that look and feeling so well. I find myself gravitating toward more and more chevron pieces within my wardrobe because it can dress up and neutralize … [Read more...]

5 Essentials For Spring

You may remember last week I was going to a Macy's fashion show to learn about the 5 essentials for the Spring from Daniel Musto. When I got there it was great because not only was Daniel Musto explaining the Spring Essentials, but the Macy's buyer, Caprice Willard was there as well. Caprice is also a judge on the NBC show Fashion Star. The best part was that instead of 5 essentials for Spring … [Read more...]

Mint Color Inspiration #FashionFriday

This Spring you'll be seeing a lot of this light green color that is called mint. It's not turquoise or blue or a true green but more of a white washed green. It is a fresh clean feeling color that makes you feel like you've entered a cool breeze. Beautiful maxi dress in a mint print, screams Spring, and has nothing but femininity to it! Mint Maxi Dress by fashionablyorganized featuring … [Read more...]

Floral Shoes #FashionFriday

Spring is coming and the flowers will start blooming any day now. Why not bring that floral feel to your shoes? This year you'll see a lot of floral footwear, and it's going to make any outfit feel fresh and fun. With every type of shoe you can find floral print so don't be scared of adding floral prints to your outfit. Floral Shoes by fashionablyorganized featuring flat … [Read more...]

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