Decorating Dry Erase With Duct Tape

Several years ago on a parenting board I frequented someone came on to talk about how her husband made a wallet out of duct tape and showed a picture. It was hysterical to me, and yet I was unaware of what was to come. Now there are books and DIY projects revolving around making things with Duct Tape. When I was at BlogHer in August Duct Tape was giving out their new line of Duct Tape sheets … [Read more...]

Accessorizing Your Home With Orange

Using a color palette from the site Design Seeds, helps make it easy to find complimentary colors based on the colors put together in each palette. The color palettes are meant to show you complimentary colors, and how to match what you love with other colors perfectly. A person who cannot commit to color could use them simply to accessorize a room with various pieces of home decor. It will … [Read more...]

Going From Crib To Bed On a Budget

When it was time to take A out of her crib and make her room more suitable for a little girl, keeping it budget friendly was #1 on the list. I was able to do everything for under $200, and she loves her new "big girl room". My baby turned 3 last week, and believe it or not, she was still a crib. I had to hunker down, and come up with a plan to give her a big girl room. Luckily I had kept one of … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Decorations on The Centsible Life

I'm so excited to announce my partnership with Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine and Kelly of  The Centsible Life (@centsiblelife). Today I posted on The Centsible Life 2 great DIY Halloween Decorations. There's also a kick butt giveaway for a $50 Lowe's Gift Card. Get over there and enter. Stay tuned for more projects on The Centsible Life by none other then this very excited … [Read more...]

Neutral Tones With Blue For Your Home

Although I have a love for color in the home I do understand that there are people who just can't do it. Neutrals can be done really well with a pop color that is more muted and appealing to those who do not want saturated colors. For color inspiration I thought I'd go with the Autumn Rays palette by Design Seeds. You can see here the different shades of neutral you can incoroprate with just … [Read more...]

A redhardwick Masterpiece

I don't think I can properly describe the redhardwick masterpiece on my daughter's wall.  I'm going to try to get close to how fantastic with some pictures. I'll start with a little backstory. Jen the artist behind redhardwick contacted me, and asked me to peruse her flickr photostream to see if there was anything there that I liked. By choosing a few things Jen would be able to get an idea … [Read more...]

It’s An Organizing/Office Party – BlogMania 2011

Welcome to BlogMania 2011 where 62 blogs have come together to giveaway a total of $13,000+ in prizes sponsored by fantastic companies all around the world. Each blogger could choose a theme for the giveaway items on their blog. My theme is all things office/organization. For the next 3 days you can go to any, or all, of the blogs listed in the linky below, and enter to win the fabulous giveaway … [Read more...]

Accessorizing a Room Is An Art

I have another new guest for my beautiful readers.  Her name is Jes and you guys are going to love her as much as I do. Most of you are aware that not only do I love fashion, but I love interior design.  I admit wholeheartedly I watch HGTV like people watch soap operas.  I have more shows from HGTV on my DVR then any other channel.  So when I met Jes (who will be redesigning my site shortly) we … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Walls With Old Barn Rescue +{Giveaway}

When stuck on how to decorate a wall in your house I highly recommend checking out Old Barn Rescue.  They have beautiful upcycled items, but it's their vinyl wall decals that are inspiring. The decals have graphics, inspirational quotes and whimsical quotes.  There were so many cute ones that I could see all over the house, it was hard to really decide on just one. Almost two years after … [Read more...]

Scentsy Review Plus Giveaway

I am a huge home fragrance fan.  I love to light candles and burn natural oils in my house.  However, since having kids I've come to do it less and less because I'm so afraid of the fire hazard.  I try to keep things really high up but then of course that still scares me. Just last week my younger brother was telling me about the building right next door to him had a fire.  I asked how it … [Read more...]

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