Wednesday DIY Organization and More

Welcome to another Wednesday of great projects around the internet.  Yet again, I wonder when I'll have time to do these wonderful things. My husband may not be organized (OK that's an understatement), but he does have some silly little quirks.  One of which is the coaster under the glass everywhere.  We have more drink coasters then I can count.  When I saw DIY Mod Podge Tile Coasters on HWTM … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization

Welcome to the mid-July DIY fun.  The link ups this week are all projects that are simple yet fun.  As a matter of fact part of why I'm sharing them with you is because I wanted to bookmark them to make soon.  I hope you find them as ingenious as I do. With the post In Honor Of The Napkin written by Karen of Sew Many Ways will give you a glimpse into what a DIY genius she is.  These projects … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization

Welcome to Wednesday DIY Organization and more.  I'm sorry I missed last Wednesday, but I'm hoping you enjoy these projects. If you have a rattan laundry basket that just feels blah, Angry Julie Monday has just the answer for you in her post Painting a Rattan Laundry Hamper.  Laundry hampers might be the most important part of the bedroom.  I know you'll say the bed, but without the hamper … [Read more...]

Making Your Own Photo Gallery

When we moved into the house [1.5 years ago], I knew one thing I really wanted was a photo gallery wall.  We had a lot of stuff we needed to get done on the house so of course I had to find an inexpensive way to make this happen.  I was very particular about what color I wanted the frames to be, and I wanted them to be different sizes. I looked on many websites, went to many different stores … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization and Fun

Another Wednesday with more inspirational ideas ahead. I've been trying to figure a new way to store my necklaces with hooks etc.  I've gone through many different ideas, and I can't settle on one yet.  However, I have found a lot of inspiration from Gail Grady at A Fresh Start with her post Organizing With Hooks...They Will Hook You In.  She has a ton of fantastic ideas that use different … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization & Fun

Welcome to Wednesday DIY Organization.  This week I've decided to add fun DIY projects as well.   I just keep finding such fabulous stuff all around the blogosphere I have to share.  I hope you enjoy. Craftzine is an incredible blog that I just love to read.  I want to make EVERYTHING they post.  When I saw the Counter Made From Books I was so enthralled.  I am a huge book lover.  Huge is an … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization

Enjoy these projects: Car Caddy Tutorials by Karen of Sew Many Things is a great idea for making a simple drink holder in your car hold more then just a drink. The original idea came from her Tool Time Tuesday in April of 2009.  I keep thinking that it would be great for the backseat for the kids to put their stuff in. Ashley of Give Me The Simple Life posted a great bag/coat rack in Bags … [Read more...]

Embroidered Bags for Teacher’s Gifts

Last night I was going to write a post, and then forgot.  Why?  Because I had to do some hand embroidery on the bags I bought for J's teachers as teacher gifts for the end of the year. I got super ambitious when I decided to start this project.  On a side note: this is my MO.  I think of fantastic projects I have no time for, and no business doing.  Luckily this time around I enlisted my … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization

Welcome to Wednesday DIY Organization here at Fashionably Organized.  This week I have found some fun and unique do-it-yourself crafts around the web that I thought I would share with you. Wine Lovers Haven If you are a wine lover such as myself you have to check out Lee Anderson's Wine Rack I found on Ready Made.  Now I'm aware that you have to have a HUGE space to make this wine rack, but … [Read more...]

Brilliant Easy Dry Erase Option

Last night I was reading all of the blogs I subscribe to. I consider my blog subscriptions my after bed time (for the kids) reading. I came across an absolutely BRILLIANT idea from Paper n Stitch The Blog. It's called the Double Duty Dry Erase Board.  Seeing this Tutorial was one of those moments I could not help saying to myself "Shut the Front Door." For all of you sewers out there think of … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization

Welcome to my first Wednesday DIY Organization.  I am a huge crafty girl.  This year I've seriously taken on sewing and hand embroidery.  I would like to feature DIY projects to help you organize.  I'll be featuring crafts that others have blogged about.  Most of the time these projects require inexpensive materials you would never think of using.  Without further ado please enjoy what I deem eye … [Read more...]

Craft — Cigar Box Storage

I was reading some of my blogs this AM and found this Craft Organizing: Cigar Box by Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made.  It reminded me of all of the cigar boxes in my house growing up.  If only I had kept them all I think of how it would help me organize all of my craft items.  I thought I'd pass on this fantastic idea to all of you.  If you know someone or have cigar boxes, this easy and … [Read more...]

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