How to Invest in Precious Metals and Jewelry Wisely

Precious metals and jewelry have always been rewarding investments. Gold, diamonds and other valuable stones are valued as coveted jewelry and over time they gain value, sometimes spectacularly when the maker becomes popular or the pieces become vintage heirlooms. Big investors like George Soros and Stanley Druckenmiller are betting big on gold which goes to show that they expect the metal to … [Read more...]

Decorating Dry Erase With Duct Tape

Several years ago on a parenting board I frequented someone came on to talk about how her husband made a wallet out of duct tape and showed a picture. It was hysterical to me, and yet I was unaware of what was to come. Now there are books and DIY projects revolving around making things with Duct Tape. When I was at BlogHer in August Duct Tape was giving out their new line of Duct Tape sheets … [Read more...]

Revealing My Backyard Makeover

As I promised last month in part I of my backyard makeover I would have a huge reveal. I'm about to reveal what has been a life changing transformation. We've lived in this house for 3.5 years and having a useable backyard has made everyone so happy. As part of the Lowe's Creative Ideas Blogger Network I was challenged to do a backyard makeover with $300 to buy what I needed at Lowe's. After I've … [Read more...]

The Casual Professional: Dressing To Network At A Sporting Event

We know how to dress for a baseball game (casually); and we know how to dress for a networking event (professionally).  But how do you dress when the two come together as one? As a Bruin alumna I am proud to support my school by staying active within the alumni community.  And as an aspiring business woman and entrepreneur I see my alma mater as a great opportunity to connect with potential … [Read more...]

DIY Alpha Bet Wood Block Menorah

We have been blessed to know 3 couples this year who had their 1st child this year. I wanted to make something special for them for each baby to commemorate their 1st Hanukkah, so I made an alpha bet wood block Menorah. It was a relatively easy and inexpensive item to make, but most importantly it would be something to remember the baby's 1st Hanukkah. Supplies: 10" Floating Shelf wood … [Read more...]

Toy Storage Solution on The Centsible Life

This time of year the influx of toys can be crazy. Looking for a great storage solution? I wrote How To Create Toy Storage today on The Centsible Life. Get over there and see how easy it is. Lowe's Creative Ideas has kindly donated $100 to my charity of choice. I have asked them to send it to Larchmont Charter School - West Hollywood, the wonderful school my sons' are attending. In order to … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Decorations on The Centsible Life

I'm so excited to announce my partnership with Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine and Kelly of  The Centsible Life (@centsiblelife). Today I posted on The Centsible Life 2 great DIY Halloween Decorations. There's also a kick butt giveaway for a $50 Lowe's Gift Card. Get over there and enter. Stay tuned for more projects on The Centsible Life by none other then this very excited … [Read more...]

Fabric Covered Cork Board in 30 Minutes

I went shopping got some fabric to cover the cork board, and 30 minutes from sitting down to finished, I had a fabric covered cork board that matched our kitchen. The new school year started and I went to our homework wall to make sure it was ready, and the cork tiles next to The Homework Caddy (my homework caddy), were falling off. I had to yank them down, and re-think. About 2 years ago I … [Read more...]

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

One of the main reasons I love autumn is because of the vibrant colors that are associated with the season... harvest yellow, orange, and different shades of red. I'm going to show you how to make a really lovely centerpiece to bring some festivity into your home, or to give as a gift.  You will spend a fraction of how much flower arrangements usually cost.  In fact, the cost of the centerpiece … [Read more...]

Art Line In The Classroom – Tuesday Tools, Tips & Tricks

J's teacher was looking for an art line to be put up across the classroom so she could clip the kids artwork on it. When she asked for a volunteer to help with putting one up I immediately told her I'd take care of it, and called my mentor/father. At the time she asked she had no clue how to facilitate an art line, so we came up with a plan. I described to him my thoughts, and as usual he made it … [Read more...]

Refinishing Wood Furniture

I've had people compliment me on furniture pieces in my house, and when I tell them it was a piece of furniture that I had refinished, they cannot believe I would do that, let alone do it well. The truth is that anyone can do it. Refinishing furniture is not something you need expertise in. When we bought our new house I was on the prowl for great pieces of furniture that I could refinish. We … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Gifts In A Jar

One of my Crafting gurus has yet again sent a fantastic tutorial for my Fashionably Organized readers.  Sara of Sara's Organized Chaos has a pretty easy way to make a gift in a jar, like make your own cookies.  Maybe next year I'll get industrious and do this for people. Looking for a really easy, inexpensive but great last minute gift? If you are, you need to pay attention because I will have … [Read more...]

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