Barbie is Moving to a Mega Bloks Mansion

Sometimes a girl has got to move on from one mansion to the next, and leave it to Barbie to throw a bash that has me and my mom awestruck, never mind my 4 year old. It's true Barbie sold her Malibu house and is traveling the country in her Barbie is Moving tour. Barbie is Moving - Day of Fun It was a warm Saturday morning where I picked up my mom and we took A to The Grove in LA, which … [Read more...]

How to Nurture the Artist in Your Child

(Image credit: Childhood is the best time to nurture a special talent. If you see your children pursuing an activity keenly, whether it’s related to sports, arts, or academics, encourage them to excel at it. Introduce them to new techniques and forms of the same. Similarly, when you have a budding artist … [Read more...]

Painting Minnie Mouse With Disney Paint

The time has finally come for me to share with all of you my daughter's room reveal. You may recall my introduction to Speck-Tacular Disney Paint and my plan to use the Speck-Tacular paint in my daughter's room. I am finally sharing with all of you what we did and how I've transformed my daughter's room. Using the Disney Paints by Glidden sold at Walmart I created a focal wall over A's bed. I … [Read more...]

Minnie Mouse in the House

As you may recall a few weeks ago I told you I was going to be using the new Disney paints by Glidden to do a something special in my daughter's room. My task is to create a Minnie Mouse inspired room using the Disney Paint Speck-Tacular. This is a clear ready-to-use top coat. It provides a sparkling confetti finish that can be applied over any painted surface $14.97 per quart; $34.97 per … [Read more...]

Making A Dresser Fit For A Princess

For my daughter's 4th birthday this month we got her a play kitchen for her room. She has a tiny room and the large doll house and wide dresser made this play kitchen virtually impossible to fit. I did not worry. I budgeted for her birthday to include a new dresser and I wanted to make it for her. Make it meaning find one I could make my own, not chop down wood and build my own furniture. Since … [Read more...]

DIY Alpha Bet Wood Block Menorah

We have been blessed to know 3 couples this year who had their 1st child this year. I wanted to make something special for them for each baby to commemorate their 1st Hanukkah, so I made an alpha bet wood block Menorah. It was a relatively easy and inexpensive item to make, but most importantly it would be something to remember the baby's 1st Hanukkah. Supplies: 10" Floating Shelf wood … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Fry Box Favor

My crafting guru Sara of Sara's Organized Chaos is here this month with a fantastic treat bag to make yourself.  Quite frankly I asked her to do this because E's birthday is in December and I wanted a creative way to do the favors for the kids.  Of course this is a wonderful way to do your Halloween treats as well.  Check out her fantastic easy tutorial, and of course enjoy.  Thanks Sara!Halloween … [Read more...]

I Made This: Hoo’s 2?

My friend Marie's little girl will be 2 this weekend.  Her theme for the birthday party is owls, so I decided that I would embroider a shirt for her birthday.  I used a back stitch, split stitch and stem stitch on this owl pattern.  I found this pattern on Q is For Quilter's Flickr photostream. … [Read more...]

Back To School I Made This: A Can For Art Supplies

I wanted to make some easily accessible containers for my kids to have their various art supplies in.  I went to Home Depot and bought quart size paint cans in order to paint them.  Doesn't that sound weird?  Buying paint cans to paint them.  Sorry back to my project...I got lime green spray paint and tintable chalkboard paint in deep teal. It starts with spray paint.  I chose a very vibrant … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization

Welcome to the mid-July DIY fun.  The link ups this week are all projects that are simple yet fun.  As a matter of fact part of why I'm sharing them with you is because I wanted to bookmark them to make soon.  I hope you find them as ingenious as I do. With the post In Honor Of The Napkin written by Karen of Sew Many Ways will give you a glimpse into what a DIY genius she is.  These projects … [Read more...]

Wednesday DIY Organization

Welcome to Wednesday DIY Organization and more.  I'm sorry I missed last Wednesday, but I'm hoping you enjoy these projects. If you have a rattan laundry basket that just feels blah, Angry Julie Monday has just the answer for you in her post Painting a Rattan Laundry Hamper.  Laundry hampers might be the most important part of the bedroom.  I know you'll say the bed, but without the hamper … [Read more...]

Making Your Own Photo Gallery

When we moved into the house [1.5 years ago], I knew one thing I really wanted was a photo gallery wall.  We had a lot of stuff we needed to get done on the house so of course I had to find an inexpensive way to make this happen.  I was very particular about what color I wanted the frames to be, and I wanted them to be different sizes. I looked on many websites, went to many different stores … [Read more...]

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