6 Places You Can Find Cheap Wedding Party Supplies

Wedding decors and party favors are not easy to find. In fact, some wedding planners contract different handcrafters and custom shops to build the decor and setting a considerable budget for them and the flowers for the wedding and reception. However, finding cheap wedding party supplies need not be too difficult. In fact, you can find most of them in these places. Flea Markets If there's … [Read more...]

Ten Must-have Accessories for the Ultimate Hen Party

It ain’t a hen party if it doesn't involve some naughty games. If there is one thing almost as exciting as your wedding day, that would be a hen party.  You can’t deny how eagerly your pals would be waiting for a fun ladies night filled with quirky things!   The best hen party will leave your guests with a smile on their face.  It leaves a memorable mark in their hearts. But it can be tricky to … [Read more...]

Why Gifting Plants Is A Better Choice?

Whenever we have to give presents to our loved ones on their birthday or anniversary, we always come up with the idea of buying expensive gifts, personalized items, flowers, chocolates, etc. Or sometimes we get stuck thinking of a useful gift to send to our near and dear ones. If you ever find yourself stuck in such situation, always go for plants. Plants make a perfect gift for several occasions, … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Maids of Honor to Host the Best Bachelorette Party

If you are the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding, you are probably aware that a lot of responsibilities rest on your lovely shoulders. You have to be the bride-to-be’s pillar of support and help her plan her wedding, right from the guest list to the reception menu. Add in the bridal gown fittings and a ton of other wedding duties, and you have a part-time (and unpaid) job in hand. One … [Read more...]

Why to Choose Wedding Celebrant for Your Big Day?

Wedding ceremony is always treated a big day by any one. You are one of them. You might have dreamed number of things for your wedding ceremony. This is a day where you and your soul mate will be united forever and cherish the memories hereafter. Wedding celebrant plays an important role to you as they present the things to frame as desired by you, the way you want it to be with a more flavor … [Read more...]

Daddy Gifting Guide: Get Your Father the Right Gift Each Time

It’s often challenging to find the right gift for a man who has everything. Dads seem to want for nothing; while it is still easy to shop for some dads, there are others who require you to be creative enough to get the right gift each time. And with the holiday season just around the corner, our daddy gifting guide will give you some swanky gift ideas for your old man’s gift needs. The Elegant … [Read more...]

Beginning my weight loss journey

I know I've been missing from the blogosphere for almost 4 mo now, but I have good reason. I went into what is called a depressive episode from my Bipolar II due to lack of medication which was a result of lack of funds/insurance to buy my meds. However, the good news is I'm back on meds crawling back to life and making myself accountable for myself not just mentally but physically too. Today I … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Purchase Swimming Costumes Online

As you've most likely officially found for yourself, shopping online for swimming outfit dress and other swimwear garments can be heaps of fun. Really, its scarcely astounding that such a variety of individuals are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs. If at any time you wish to overhaul your closet, you'll discover web shopping to be a significant asset, especially for the individuals … [Read more...]

Social Media For Social Good #JerseyLove Style

Sometimes in life you're given an opportunity to use what little (or big) power you have to do something good. I was lucky enough to be a part of sending an important message about New Jersey after super storm Sandy hit them and devastated parts of the shore. The whole point of our trip was to share how much fun we had in New Jersey and let the world know that they are open for tourism. New Jersey … [Read more...]

Summer Lesson From My Mom

During the summer I'm constantly reminded of the most important thing my mother ever taught me. While there are so many words of wisdom her diligence in protecting my uber white skin when out in the sun was unmatched. My friends made fun of me because my mom wouldn't let me go out without SPF 15 (the highest then) on my skin. I wasn't allowed to sunbathe or "tan" because my mom was worried I'd … [Read more...]

Shopping Has Never Been So #fneasy

This story is not an easy one to tell, but there is a happy ending because Fresh & Easy saved the day with their affordable shopping. The story begins on a weekend where we started out with little food in the house, but unfortunately my husband ("R") and I were broke. Yes, broke! However, I had just received my $50 gift card for Fresh & Easy to do some shopping. I told R that we … [Read more...]

Black Box Wines Has My Vote

I remember when I was younger my parents buying boxed wine, and it was not good. They bought it to make wine spritzers and I wondered what they were buying it for if it wasn't "good". If only they had Black Box Wines then. When my Black Box Wines showed up my husband gave me the "are you kidding look?" Then he tried it and it was all over. Those boxed wine stereotypes have been broken with their … [Read more...]

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