6 Places You Can Find Cheap Wedding Party Supplies

Wedding decors and party favors are not easy to find. In fact, some wedding planners contract different handcrafters and custom shops to build the decor and setting a considerable budget for them and the flowers for the wedding and reception. However, finding cheap wedding party supplies need not be too difficult. In fact, you can find most of them in these places. Flea Markets If there's … [Read more...]

Ten Must-have Accessories for the Ultimate Hen Party

It ain’t a hen party if it doesn't involve some naughty games. If there is one thing almost as exciting as your wedding day, that would be a hen party.  You can’t deny how eagerly your pals would be waiting for a fun ladies night filled with quirky things!   The best hen party will leave your guests with a smile on their face.  It leaves a memorable mark in their hearts. But it can be tricky to … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Maids of Honor to Host the Best Bachelorette Party

If you are the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding, you are probably aware that a lot of responsibilities rest on your lovely shoulders. You have to be the bride-to-be’s pillar of support and help her plan her wedding, right from the guest list to the reception menu. Add in the bridal gown fittings and a ton of other wedding duties, and you have a part-time (and unpaid) job in hand. One … [Read more...]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Sauza

Next week is Cinco de Mayo. I love Cinco de Mayo because the decorations are so festive, and the food is so delicious. The best part is that I have an excuse to drink Margaritas all day long. This year I had the opportunity to try the Sauza-rita featuring Sauza Tequila. As someone who grew up in Southern California [and yes I speak Spanish fluently], Cinco de Mayo is something that we … [Read more...]

Fall Into PaperDirect For Beautiful Invitations

Fall is upon us with beautiful colors and invitations for all types of fall festivities. PaperDirect has beautiful invitations, specialty paper and event paper for every fall occasion you can think of. The great thing about PaperDirect is that you can purchase paper to print yourself, or you can purchase the paper already printed. Pricing reflects your choices, and the quantity of items you are … [Read more...]

Delicious Appetizer Ideas for Your Holiday Parties

Rejoice! The holidays are upon us, and that means the holiday soirees will be in full effect soon.  I have compiled some very easy (and delicious) recipes that you can use for appetizers or finger foods.  These recipes can also be gifted - you can make the goodies, place them in a jar or wrap up in cellophane, stick a bow on it, and you have a tasty present to give away. Candied Pecans- I just … [Read more...]

Tea Time!

I'm pretty sure that I already told you that I am OBSESSED with tea and tea culture.  I love throwing tea parties, going to tea parties, or just drinking tea by myself. This past weekend, my little sister, Hanna (@hannababyy1), and I checked out a new spot for high-tea, one of our favorite things to do together.  This particular tea room, Chado, opened up very recently in downtown Los Angeles.  … [Read more...]

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

One of the main reasons I love autumn is because of the vibrant colors that are associated with the season... harvest yellow, orange, and different shades of red. I'm going to show you how to make a really lovely centerpiece to bring some festivity into your home, or to give as a gift.  You will spend a fraction of how much flower arrangements usually cost.  In fact, the cost of the centerpiece … [Read more...]

Perfect Pick Me Up and Easy Host Gift

Every Wednesday my sweet sister-in-law, Ellie, will be doing a lifestyle post for all my fabulous Fashionably Organized readers. Please welcome my newest (and most beautiful) contributor, and without further ado here's here first post. Enjoy! Hello readers! I am so excited to be teaming up with Candice @ Fashionably Organized and writing a weekly post.  I am Candice's sister in law (married to … [Read more...]

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