From Zero To Organized: Keeping Receipts

Many people have a very hard time keeping all of their receipts because they aren't sure what to do to actually keep them. At the beginning of the year we begin with resolve to save our receipts and keep them organized. However, now it's June, if you're having issues keeping the receipts together I have some tips on how to make it easier through the end of the year. I know it's been some time … [Read more...]

From Zero To Organized: You Can’t Remember Everything

In our 2nd week of From Zero To Organized we are going to organize the things we are trying to remember. While that seems like a daunting task, so does trying to actually remember it all, and you truly can't remember everything. As a mom, full time worker, writer and social media consultant there is NO way I can possibly remember everything entailed in all of those things. I'm sure you wear many … [Read more...]

Getting Organized One Step at a Time: e-mail

For the next few weeks we're going to work on getting organized. Not your kitchen or bathroom or bills, I'm talking about you, and your needs. I'll be posting every Wednesday (I know it's Thurs, but I promise it will be Wed next week) with your assignment for the week. The assignment is a baby step. Tackling one thing at a time. Too many times getting organized is too daunting, therefore hard to … [Read more...]

Organized Entryway for $300

If you could spruce up a room for $300, what would you pick if given the chance? For me it was finally making our entryway somewhere where we would have a place to put our bags and jackets when we come in the door. Since we bought our house I wanted to make a whole built in wall right when we walked into the house. I measured, drew out what I wanted, and yet never had the funds to do it. I held … [Read more...]

Organizing a Small Office Space

Tackling organizing a small office space in your home, can be really daunting. By reusing bins and things you've purchased in the past, you'll be amazed at how much more organized you'll be. Last month I built a desk in our kitchen nook. You can see the full transformation in my post Built-In Desk Inspires Organization on The Centsible Life. Building that desk, has had  a transformative … [Read more...]

A File Box Helps Wrangle Those Papers

Unfortunately, no matter how many bills I opt out of, there's still a slew of papers to wrangle daily, that's why a file box has become a must-have item in my book. Several years ago, I decided to try a file box. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, a file box is a really small version of a file cabinet that can be kept on a table top.) File boxes can be used for many different file types. … [Read more...]

Zaarly: Innovative Delegating

Zaarly is an innovative site where delegating things you don't have time to do, or buy, in a new and innovative way. If you are a parent this is the site you've been looking for. (@zaarly) is a site where consumers (like me) can find help from companies or independent contractors (like me) for anything you can think of. For example I went onto the site and chose the Los Angeles area. I … [Read more...]

Fabric Covered Cork Board in 30 Minutes

I went shopping got some fabric to cover the cork board, and 30 minutes from sitting down to finished, I had a fabric covered cork board that matched our kitchen. The new school year started and I went to our homework wall to make sure it was ready, and the cork tiles next to The Homework Caddy (my homework caddy), were falling off. I had to yank them down, and re-think. About 2 years ago I … [Read more...]

Rosh Hashanah Cards by Tiny Prints

Since my husband and I got engaged we have always sent cards during the holiday season. However, during the Jewish New Year known as Rosh Hashanah I always love receiving cards from relatives and friends. This year I decided to take the plunge with Tiny Prints new Jewish New Year cards. I always love another reason to send cards to family and friends. Even in the digital age I still love to … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Waste Not – A Simple Look at Items You’d Normally Toss

As many of you know I'm at BlogHer in San Diego. I have asked some really fantastic bloggers to make a guest appearance for a few days. Today I have the fantastic Rajean (@rajean) of Rajean Blomquist. I'm so excited about this post because Rajean has such amazing ideas. Having been around the parenting block, my oldest will turn 21 later this year (yikes!) and my youngest is just coming out of … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: Getting Rid of Clothing – #FashionFriday

Dear Fashionista, I always wear the same thing even though I have tons of clothes. Once and for all I'd like to purge what I'm not wearing. It's just in my way, and I detest clutter. What criteria do you have for keeping or purging? Thanks. -Dawn (via) Dawn is a dear on-line friend, who I've known for a long time. She is an uber organized woman, so I was shocked to get this request. Having her … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Move With Cablemover

There are so many things that you have to organize when you are moving. What if there was somewhere you could go on-line for help moving? Well look no further then Cablemover is a fantastic service that allows you to go on-line put in all of your information, and find the best deals in your area, or better yet the area you're moving to for phone, internet and television. One less … [Read more...]

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