How to Nab Kids Designer Clothing For Less

The debate on whether buying expensive kids designer clothing is a good or bad idea has been going on for ages. At first glance, some parents impulsively react that of course, it's a total waste of money! But some parents argue that it really depends on some important factors like age of the child or purpose for buying those outfits. One parent in a discussion forum said that buying toddlers … [Read more...]

Tips For Shopping School Supplies

I need to confess to you something that I cannot quit: buying school supplies. Yes, I've graduated to pretty office supplies for the most part, but truth be told when back-to-school time is upon us, and I can't help but get giddy inside. Just like I did when I had that school supply list in my hands when I was in school. Every office supply store and discount chain has school supplies, and you … [Read more...]

Storage For MegaBloks & Legos

You may have seen my post earlier this month about A's new Barbie MegaBloks mansion, and wondered where I was going to store such an intricate and multi piece toy. I was too. Those itty bitty pieces were driving me crazy and I needed to wrangle them quick. My 4 year old is the messiest of my 3 kids, and frankly doesn't put anything away. I had to do something and quick. The supplies to … [Read more...]

Trinity Home Storage Helps Wrangle A Boys Room

I have 8.5 and 7 year old boys who share a room. Can you imagine what that room looks like on a regular basis? No? Don't worry because I'm going to show you what a mess that room WAS. Was? Why did I say was? Well that's because I got a few key items from Trinity, and the room has a whole new look. My sons aren't good with the "clean up your room" command. No matter how much organization I … [Read more...]

A Millennium Falcon Bag That Organizes Too

I've been a lover of the Neat-Oh Zip Bins for years. We've had many different ones over the years, and my boys have always loved the ability to carry their stuff and unzip for a fun play mat. Not only do they make bins that unzip into play mats they have bags too. One of our favorites when the boys were little they loved their Hot Wheels Wheelie Backpack. I remember them unzipping it and making … [Read more...]

Travel With The eBags Crew Cooler II

With all of the travel and moving around we are all doing these days packing snacks and food is a necessity. If you're like me and have children having snacks and food for them is the key to ever lasting happiness. When I received the eBags Crew Cooler II in Blue Yonder I was so impressed with how compact it was. It seemed that eBags thought of everything when it comes to traveling with food. The … [Read more...]

Toy Storage Solution on The Centsible Life

This time of year the influx of toys can be crazy. Looking for a great storage solution? I wrote How To Create Toy Storage today on The Centsible Life. Get over there and see how easy it is. Lowe's Creative Ideas has kindly donated $100 to my charity of choice. I have asked them to send it to Larchmont Charter School - West Hollywood, the wonderful school my sons' are attending. In order to … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Schoolbags For Kids

When back-to-school season comes around I am on the hunt for a new backpack, or lunch bag, or both. Schoolbags For Kids is more than just a bag though, it's a backpack with purpose. My love for a good/beautiful bag extends to the bags my children carry. No I'm not shallow, I just want them to have sturdy well organized bags for school. Imagine my delight when I met the fantastic Schoolbags For … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Waste Not – A Simple Look at Items You’d Normally Toss

As many of you know I'm at BlogHer in San Diego. I have asked some really fantastic bloggers to make a guest appearance for a few days. Today I have the fantastic Rajean (@rajean) of Rajean Blomquist. I'm so excited about this post because Rajean has such amazing ideas. Having been around the parenting block, my oldest will turn 21 later this year (yikes!) and my youngest is just coming out of … [Read more...]

Rules For The Kids

Last Friday I posted my Vision Board 2011.  Part of my vision was to create rules for the kids.  I would like to be more consistent with the boys as far as discipline goes.  While there are rules in our house, I can't say I'm great at enforcing them as far consequences are concerned. I sat them down tonight with a pad and pen with the boys and R to create rules for the kids.  Since A who is 23 mo … [Read more...]

Preparation for the Toy Influx

The following is a true story.  This story is being told not to scare you, but to simply warn you.  I hope my experience will only serve to save you from being taken over by toys. Every year I prepare for this time of year's toy influx not only because of the holidays but because of E's birthday.  When I mean preparing I mean that I go through and remove all unplayed with toys and those missing … [Read more...]

Toys That Are Clearly Organized

Tis the season to be inundated with tons of toys you have no idea where you will store.  The panic has begun to set in.  I have 8 nights of presents from us.  Then my family, my extended family, R's family and our friends to name a few.  To add to that E's birthday is in December.  If you aren't panicked I'm panicked enough for everyone. The only thing that is giving me some feeling of ease is … [Read more...]

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