Check Me Out On An Organized Life

Hello faithful Fashionably Organized readers aka: Fashionistas you may remember that Kathleen of An Organized Life gave us some great tips on Monday.  Well if you head over there today you will see my post on her site about organizing toys.  Thank you to Kathleen for showing me love. … [Read more...]

My Wall of Organization

Since school started I have wanted to have a wall of full organization to make it easy to wrangle all of the school paperwork, homework, lists, calendar and kids artwork.  I have finally finished the wall.  Alright I'll be honest I spent a lot of time planning this wall and researching how to make it work exactly the way I want it to.  I love how everything has a place and it makes it easy for the … [Read more...]

Domestically Challenged: Children’s Chores

For so long I've wondered how I should handle chores for my kids.  What's the appropriate age?  How do I organize it?  How do I get them to do it, and understand how it helps the family?  I asked my mommy guru Alana of Domestically Challenged to help me and my readers out.  Thank you Alana for navigating this parenting challenge so eloquently.First of all, thanks so much to Candice for letting me … [Read more...]

A Diaper Bag That Has Smart Pockets

The Lillebaby Stockholm Diaper Bag claims to have 10 smart pockets.  I thought that I'd be the judge of that.  I'll tell you why I am a harsh diaper bag critic.  I actually do have credentials in this department.  Those people who know me well know that in the 6+ years of motherhood there is one thing I have been diligently researching and that is a diaper bag.  As a purse obsessed woman the next … [Read more...]

Hair Band Organization

When you have 2 boys before you have a girl you cannot really imagine all of the accessories they accumulate especially the hair stuff. Recently, I got inundated with the rubber bands because her hair is getting so long I had to figure something out. I did what I always do I head to a hardware store. Yes don't think I typed wrong or had a temporary loss of my mind. I found the clear … [Read more...] – Purchasing Used Item

I am a mother of 3 children.  I have tried every contraption there ever was when it comes to children.  I have over spent on something that might make my life easier.  Then I'm stuck with an over expensive item my child hates. Does this happen to you?  Are you unwilling to go down that road when it comes to having your first child?  Then I highly recommend you check out Trading … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Week: What Supplies Do You Need For Homework Station?

My kids go back to school next Tuesday.  I know many of you already have kids in school, but I decided that I would do a Back-To-School week on Fashionably Organized.  Welcome!  Today's post will be a list of items you should have on hand to create a homework station.  There are many containers you can use and I'll give you some suggestions, but in general if your child is elementary school age … [Read more...]

FamZoo Teaches Your Kids How To Save + Giveaway

A few weeks ago my family and I started an on-line program called FamZoo.  This interactive website allows you to teach your children the power of saving their money and making sure they do their chores.  FamZoo lets you make checklists for your children to do chores to earn their allowance.  You know as soon as I was introduced to this new website I had to try it out.  We all know that this is … [Read more...]

We Cleaned The Playroom…and I Enjoyed It

It's pretty sad as a blogger, especially one who focuses on organizing, when you do something and you think ooooh that could be a blog post.  That's what happeend yesterday morning for me.  I knew I had to clean the boys playroom.  I was going to take all of these before and after pictures.  Fast forward 3 hours and the playroom is finally clean and organized. Shit I forgot to take the … [Read more...]

It’s the End of the School Year – Papers Everywhere

Image by pierre pouliquin via Flickr Today is a bittersweet day for me, and I'm sad.  My oldest, J, has his last day of Kindergarten.  I just dropped him off for the 1st day and we are at the last day.  I really don't know how I got here.  It all goes so fast. I'm going to undertake the project of going through my big box of papers that came home with him every week, and do some major … [Read more...]

The Homework Caddy Winner

The winner of The Homework Caddy chosen by was Kerry. Congratulations!  I hope you love it as much as I do. … [Read more...]

Chic and Cheap Storage Box

I'm going to say this out loud: IKEA rocks!  I go in that store and it's a warehouse of pure joy to me.  My husband likes the kitchen stuff and I love...well what's not to love.  However, it's the storage items that always gets me going.  The best part is everything is super duper cheap.  Not in quality, but in price. About a year ago I bought a package of the Lingo boxes.  At the time I didn't … [Read more...]

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