Tips For Shopping School Supplies

I need to confess to you something that I cannot quit: buying school supplies. Yes, I've graduated to pretty office supplies for the most part, but truth be told when back-to-school time is upon us, and I can't help but get giddy inside. Just like I did when I had that school supply list in my hands when I was in school. Every office supply store and discount chain has school supplies, and you … [Read more...]

Storage For MegaBloks & Legos

You may have seen my post earlier this month about A's new Barbie MegaBloks mansion, and wondered where I was going to store such an intricate and multi piece toy. I was too. Those itty bitty pieces were driving me crazy and I needed to wrangle them quick. My 4 year old is the messiest of my 3 kids, and frankly doesn't put anything away. I had to do something and quick. The supplies to … [Read more...]

The Fresh20 Makes Meal Planning Easy + #Giveaway

I may be organized in many many ways, but meal planning I cannot seem to get my head wrapped around. I've tried method after method after method. I think my hatred of cooking may have something to do with it. I can cook, and I'm good at it, but don't like doing it. It doesn't take me to the zen place that so many claim to go, so of course meal planning just seemed like a chore. All of this stopped … [Read more...]

Create a Family Communication Center

This last weekend I did an organization presentation at the local IKEA for their BYOF event. Here's a tutorial of what I did at IKEA. Supplies: - magnet board –SPONTAN magnetic board at IKEA - magnet tape - cup for holding markers – GRUNDTAL (w/out hook) at IKEA - file folders - magnets – SPONTAN magnets pack of 4 at IKEA - dry erase markers – MÅLA white board pens at IKEA - markers … [Read more...]

Trinity Home Storage Helps Wrangle A Boys Room

I have 8.5 and 7 year old boys who share a room. Can you imagine what that room looks like on a regular basis? No? Don't worry because I'm going to show you what a mess that room WAS. Was? Why did I say was? Well that's because I got a few key items from Trinity, and the room has a whole new look. My sons aren't good with the "clean up your room" command. No matter how much organization I … [Read more...]

5 Faves of 2012

At the end of a year I like to look back at all of the products I have tried over the year, and which 5 products stand out from the crowd. Yes, I do actually still use a lot of what I review, but there are always products that are stand outs and worth honorable mention. These 5 are this year's standouts! This is in no particular order so I only numbered to identify the pictures. 1. My … [Read more...]

Putting Old Slides on DVD With YesVideo

When I decided to do this project I started it out in the pursuit to surprise my dad with converting his old slides onto DVD. I never thought that YesVideo doing this for me was much more than a gift to my father. It was a gift to my entire family of memories long forgotten, or in some cases unknown. When I got the disc and started looking through the pictures I was stunned. I got to see a … [Read more...]

Kanex Sydnee – Charges Everything In One Place

If you're like me you own a multiple array of technology products. You probably charge them all over the house, and have to run around gathering them all to bring them with you. So if you have an iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Nook, iPod or Smart Phone Kanex Sydnee ($149) has a one stop charging station that can charge up to 4 electronic devices in one place. Check out how it works. 1 Cord, 4 Ports, … [Read more...]

A Millennium Falcon Bag That Organizes Too

I've been a lover of the Neat-Oh Zip Bins for years. We've had many different ones over the years, and my boys have always loved the ability to carry their stuff and unzip for a fun play mat. Not only do they make bins that unzip into play mats they have bags too. One of our favorites when the boys were little they loved their Hot Wheels Wheelie Backpack. I remember them unzipping it and making … [Read more...]

Best Multi-Purpose Labels at The Container Store

My efforts to find the ultimate in organization has me at the best labels ever. Seriously! The Erasable Multi-Purpose Labels at The Container Store truly complete me. When I first got them I though they were really cool, but didn't try them. However, in the last 2 weeks I have been really trying to organize myself and my own paperwork for my business. Using my new favorite gorgeous Sweet Pea … [Read more...]

Blue Sky Calendars Make Back To School Easier

I have been very open about my love for calendars and organizers. I like my digital calendars, but something about writing it in a calendar feels better, and great. You can imagine how excited I was to see these great Blue Sky Planners and Calendars arrive at my house. There was a cornicopia of choices so I was overwhelmed and of course really excited. Every one of them was unique and could be … [Read more...]

Travel With The eBags Crew Cooler II

With all of the travel and moving around we are all doing these days packing snacks and food is a necessity. If you're like me and have children having snacks and food for them is the key to ever lasting happiness. When I received the eBags Crew Cooler II in Blue Yonder I was so impressed with how compact it was. It seemed that eBags thought of everything when it comes to traveling with food. The … [Read more...]

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