Storage Bins That Are Pretty Too

It is always my thinking that organizing is so much easier when you use pretty storage bins. I call this bringing in the pretty. I get asked a lot for storage solutions when things become so overwhelming. My first response is to get storage containers that will be more likely to be used long term by bringing in the pretty. When organizing is not one of your favorite things to do, makes storing … [Read more...]

Notebooks by Crown Bindery

My whole life, I loved pretty organization supplies. It am still in love with pretty organization supplies. I have found the prettiest 3 ring binder from Crown Binder.The concept is sheer genius. When I began Fashionably Organized the whole premise was to focus on pretty things that organize. As all things do, it has become more, but I'll never stop sharing my pretty organizational supplies. I've … [Read more...]

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up

There are tons of Holiday Gift Guides out there right now, and going from blog to blog can be daunting at times. I decided that instead of giving you my gift guide, I'd round up all of MY favorite gift guides, creating the Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up. I asked many of the bloggers behind the gift guides I love: If money was no object what is the ONE thing you want for the holidays? It has to be … [Read more...]

Tiny Prints Holiday Collection

I cannot believe it's time to pick Holiday Cards already. Thankfully Tiny Prints has a Holiday Collection that is absolutely beautiful. I began looking at the Holiday Cards on Tiny Prints (@TinyPrints) , and when I opened up the Holiday Card section, right there on the first line of cards was a card I loved. I told myself that I had to keep looking, and then I realized that it was going to be a … [Read more...]

Easy Way to Pack Charging Cords

I know that every single person reading this has had to pack their charging cords when they leave for a day, or longer. When I go on longer trip it's a minimum of 4 cords. I have finally found the easy way to pack them so that when I pull 1 cord out of my bag it isnt't a  jumbled tangle of cords that has a knot in the worst possible place. Here's what you need: rubberbands paper scotch … [Read more...]

BlogHer ’11 is 2 Weeks Away – In The Bag

We're on the home stretch, and BlogHer is just a mere 2 weeks away. Can you feel the excitement growing? Twitter is abuzz with BlogHer talk. This week I want to talk about the lessons I learned when it comes to the day bag. First and foremost try to keep your day bag as light as possible. Imagine you will have to carry everything in it ALL DAY LONG. I want to address the biggest question, "do … [Read more...]

BlogHer ’11 5 Weeks Away

Last week we talked about finding the parties before and during BlogHer '11. At the 5 weeks mark to BlogHer to discuss organizing yourself now to make it easier for you when you get to BlogHer. Now that parties and the itinerary have us thinking about how to keep track of when and where to be, my suggestion is to use the calendar on your phone. Every thing you want to go to put in the calendar, … [Read more...]

Filing Magazine Articles Electronically

I am a fashion magazine addict, and had to find a new way to keep the pages I wanted long term. It occurred to me in the electronic age, I could be saving them as .pdf's and then recycling the magazine. Before Lucky magazine came out with their little post it stickers in the magazines, I actually used the colored flags from work. I circle, with a Sharpie the item(s) on the flagged page I … [Read more...]

Organizing Digital Photos

Recently on my Facebook wall a reader asked me how to organize her digital photos after printing them. I started to answer her quetion, but then I realized the answer is truly not so simple. I promised I would post about it very soon because I think there are many people who are wondering the same thing. "TOTALLY OVERWHELMED WITH PHOTOS!!! i have, literally, thousands (10+ years, i'd say) of … [Read more...]

DIY Necklace Holder in 30 Minutes

I had to come up with something super quick way to remedy the over stuffed jewelry holder. I got a satin covered baby hangar, some ribbon and a hot glue gun I already had in the house. 30 minutes later I had a necklace holder. Back in November I made a DIY Necklace Holder that would display my jewelry like an art piece. Who knew that art piece would need some rescuing so quickly. In literally a … [Read more...]

life_time.mine by Dot Mine

How do you plan your time? No, I'm not asking you how do you plan it, as in where to go, but do you use a planner? Do you try to remember it in your mind? Do you write it on a dry erase board in your house? Well I recently received a life_time.mine planner from Dot Mine that I love. I have professed before my addiction to planners. I found another one to serve another purpose in my life, and … [Read more...]

DIY Go Mom Planner

Dear Organization Spiritual Leader, I've searched near and far for a organization system that allows me to use the pages I like without wasting pages I don't need.  Please create a digital organization system that allows me to print what I want when I want.  Yours truly, Fashionably Organized (a devout follower) Dear Fashionably Organized, Thank you for your inquiry and would like to let you … [Read more...]

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