Curb Your Expenses with these Tips on Raising a Dog

Raising a pet requires a lot of patience, dedication and time. But that’s not all! One needs to have sufficient funds to be able to take care of their dog too. Not only will you have to spend on dog food and a number of dog accessories, the vet bills are yours to pay too. Perhaps you are having trouble managing your budget. Whether you are looking to cut costs or planning to bring home a dog … [Read more...]

Treat the host(ess) with Shari’s Berries

This time of year not only are bogged down with the sheer amount of presents to buy for those you care about, but you must also think of the kindness of someone who has invited you to their home. Whether it's for a small get together or a huge party you would like to thank them for thinking enough of you to invite you to their home. It's not always easy right? It is if you order Shari's Berries, … [Read more...]

Great holiday cards at Minted

Tis the season to send out your cards for the holidays and it makes it very difficult when there are so many great choices out there, but I have to say that Minted has my vote with their innovative and simple designs that highlight how I feel about the holiday season this year. Minted has unique designs by independent designers just like you and me. You can even help decide what styles get sold. … [Read more...] makes dental appointments easy

Last year when I lost my job I lost all my insurance. As in a lot of cases some things weren't in the budget, and this turned out in my world to be my teeth. That is until I found, which was recently launched here in Los Angeles. I had not had my teeth cleaned in quite some time. It became so long that I actually was embarrassed to make the appointment. made it super easy … [Read more...]

Career Woman, Mother & Fashionista All In One

I cannot even tell you how many times I've heard "how do you do it all?" If I had to stop and answer it would take time out from actually "doing it all". The better answer is "I just do". I'm not kidding either. The thing is that I always feel like I'm 5 steps behind where I should be, but I just barrel through because if I don't I won't have the life I love. 9 mo ago I lost my full time job, … [Read more...]

Barbie is Moving to a Mega Bloks Mansion

Sometimes a girl has got to move on from one mansion to the next, and leave it to Barbie to throw a bash that has me and my mom awestruck, never mind my 4 year old. It's true Barbie sold her Malibu house and is traveling the country in her Barbie is Moving tour. Barbie is Moving - Day of Fun It was a warm Saturday morning where I picked up my mom and we took A to The Grove in LA, which … [Read more...]

Summer Lesson From My Mom

During the summer I'm constantly reminded of the most important thing my mother ever taught me. While there are so many words of wisdom her diligence in protecting my uber white skin when out in the sun was unmatched. My friends made fun of me because my mom wouldn't let me go out without SPF 15 (the highest then) on my skin. I wasn't allowed to sunbathe or "tan" because my mom was worried I'd … [Read more...]

Shopping Has Never Been So #fneasy

This story is not an easy one to tell, but there is a happy ending because Fresh & Easy saved the day with their affordable shopping. The story begins on a weekend where we started out with little food in the house, but unfortunately my husband ("R") and I were broke. Yes, broke! However, I had just received my $50 gift card for Fresh & Easy to do some shopping. I told R that we … [Read more...]

Barbie Is Moving!

Barbie is traveling across North America looking for a new place to call home and on Saturday, June 1st, will stop in Los Angeles at The Grove where families can come and experience Barbie’s dream life. I'll be taking my 4 year old daughter to this great event because I'll be honest I'd have wanted to go when I was little! Join me for all of the great fun! The Barbie Is Moving mobile tour is … [Read more...]

Happy At The Park #WordlessWednesday

This week's theme is: happy … [Read more...]

Not My Baby Anymore #WordlessWednesday

I've joined a great group of bloggers who are embracing Wordless Wednesday in a new way. How's that you ask? We'll post pictures and link directly to each other's current Wordless Wednesday post. Nothing fancy, no linky, but a fun way to get to know some women I think are pretty fantastic. My intent is to keep with my Fashionably Organized aesthetic in that I'll post pictures of fashion, beauty, … [Read more...]

Virtual Piggy Is Teaching My Kids Financial Strategy Early

We're about to embark on teaching our kids the art of financial strategy, and I can thank Virtual Piggy for helping me hammer this home for my kids. As an on-line allowance, wish list and Virtual Piggy bank my children are heading into 2013 learning to manage their finances. I finally finished creating our chore/behavior chart system that will revolve around credits. For every 20 credits … [Read more...]

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