My Week With The Acura ILX

You may recall that I posted about getting to test out an Acura ILX for a week. I had such a blast with the car, and I have to tell you that I didn't even go through a whole tank of gas in that week. Yes, you read correctly less than 1 tank of gas, and I even took a little road trip with my husband. That's the great part about having the Acura ILX Hybrid. In Los Angeles NOTHING is 5 … [Read more...]

Excited About My Week With The ILX

I grew up in a house of car lovers. That's an understatement to be honest. My older brother always had car posters on his walls, and we had every car magazine show up at our house regularly, so it rubbed off on me, and I love cars too. I love sitting in a new car. I love test driving new cars. I really find myself to be a little bit of a new car snob. So, imagine when I was asked to spend a week … [Read more...]

Wedges With Angel Wings: #FashionFriday

Have you ever been so struck by a shoe it becomes the muse of a collection? Well that happened to me. I dedicate this post to my amazing sister-in-law Ellie who sat with me looking at clothes and shoes for TWO hours. She gets me!Recently Ellie & I were squished next to each other for 2 hours -- it's a long story, so no need to get into details that are boring at best. We sat on my iPad, at … [Read more...]

Wish I Knew: #VlogMom

Today's #VlogMom prompt is from Kadi of Our Seven Seeds, and happens to be co-creator of BirthingHip (coming very soon). What 3 things do you wish someone had told you about becoming a mom?   More #VlogMom: Do you have any advice to the future moms with something you wish someone had told you? I'd love to hear it. … [Read more...]

#VlogMom Bring The Funny

I'm back! I know I've been bad keeping up with my fellow #VlogMoms, but despite not having a clue what to do, I'm posting the video anyway. PROMPT: "Tell a joke, share a funny story. You can include a link or two of things or people who make you laugh in your post. Go all CrAzy." ~ Rajean Blomquist of Because I Said So I know it wasn't too funny, I apologize for that. However, I HIGHLY … [Read more...]

Bertolli Meal Soups Saves Our Dinner Blues

My husband and I often wait until after the kids are in bed to have our dinner. We tried 1 of the Bertolli Meal Soups, and now have a new favorite addition to our very limited choices in our meals for two category. I cannot tell you how many times R and I have gone in circles with the question "what do you want for dinner?" It's awful to say, but in the last 6 months I've had more bowls of cereal … [Read more...]

Tulip Flower Fairy From Chasing Fireflies

When I was little picking my costume for Halloween was the great decision of every September/October. Who knew that it would be just as difficult to choose your child's costume too. I decided this year that "A" at 2.5 didn't really need a costume, then I saw the website Chasing Fireflies. Chasing Fireflies (@chasenfireflies) has costumes that are absolutely gorgeous, but better yet transcend to … [Read more...]

Macy’s Classroom Makeover

I'm lucky enough to have my children go to a Charter school, however, the way it works is that most of the budget comes from generous donations that have to be stretched pretty far. With today's financial situation hitting our school systems, every parent like myself wonders every day how the school systems will be able to stretch their budgets anymore than they already do. Macy's is giving away … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Schoolbags For Kids

When back-to-school season comes around I am on the hunt for a new backpack, or lunch bag, or both. Schoolbags For Kids is more than just a bag though, it's a backpack with purpose. My love for a good/beautiful bag extends to the bags my children carry. No I'm not shallow, I just want them to have sturdy well organized bags for school. Imagine my delight when I met the fantastic Schoolbags For … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 7 Ways To Cheer Up

As many of you know I'm at BlogHer in San Diego. I have asked some really fantastic bloggers to make a guest appearance for a few days. Today I have the fantastic Elizabeth (@Elizabeth_N) of Party Planning Professor. I want to thank you, Elizabeth,  for a reminder of how to cheer up, because I definitely need these tips. I am Elizabeth.  I am founder of a Birthday party ideas site called Party … [Read more...]

Summer Fun With Your Kids

Thanks to SUBWAY® restaurants for sponsoring my post about summer fun with my kids. Check out the Kids Eat Free program at any LA area location! Just purchase any two subs, two sides and two drinks, and you can get a kid’s meal FREE! Here are some great summer ideas that the camp has inspired us to do (if it's outdoors please put sunblock on your kids): 1. Sidewalk chalk is one of the … [Read more...]

AboutOne Organizes Everything and #Giveaway

Those of you who don't know me let me tell you a very well known fact. I am obsessed with organizers, and all things that help organize. Spreadsheets are my friends. AboutOne has ended my search for organizational perfection because it truly organzied everything. Life is busy when you’re a Mom!   Between doctor appointments, medical forms, school records, and adorable homemade cards that are … [Read more...]

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