How to Pair Traditional Jewelry with Indo-Western Outfits like a Boss!

For Indian women, no outfit is complete without pretty trinkets. They not only have the west for inspiration but also have plenty of choices when it comes to the vintage or traditional jewelry/accessories that are often heirlooms passed down generations! Gone are the days when traditional jewelry was strictly meant for traditional wear such as sarees, lehengas, salwar suits etc. Nowadays, they … [Read more...]

Tap into Your Winter Wardrobe for Summer Style – 5 Great Tips

How awesome would it be if you didn’t have to splurge on newer items each season just to dress according to the weather? It’s easy to transition from summer to winter wardrobe, but not quite the other way round. It can, however, be accomplished by some smart thinking on your part. As you start moving all your winter clothing to another part of the room or pack it all in suitcases to put … [Read more...]

5 Swimsuit Trends That Will Never Let You Down

Summer means the sand and the sun and not wanting to come out of your pool or the beach. It is also the time to update your swimming suit collection and wear some trendy pieces to revel in style this season. This is no uphill task for those who regularly buy new bathing suits every now and then and are abreast with the latest fashion trends that are doing the rounds. But what about the rest? If … [Read more...]

5 things every woman needs this holiday season

The internet is abuzz with every gift guide you can think of for every person you shop for, but what about you? What do you need to survive this holiday season in a magnificent way? What will make life easier, and life keep rolling? I have 5 must haves that will make you feel and look as chic as you want to for the next few weeks. The undergarment Sometimes you need a little oomph to make … [Read more...]

Guest Post – Gifts for a Fashionista

We let our clothes speak for us. Clothes and our choice of accessories give us our sense of character, showcase our attitude, reflect our outlook towards life, and give confidence. Your fashion sense tells the world a lot about you. All of this applies to most of us. If someone were to gift us with denims, dress shirts, office wear, or casuals, they’d do it fairly well enough since they know us, … [Read more...]

Tracy’s Closet Is The New Place To Shop

I know that many of you ladies have some clothing, bags, shoes and accessories you want to get rid of, but not necessarily donate. How do you do that without having to do the expensive auction sites? Tracy's Closet has done exactly what you're looking for. You can earn points for getting rid of your stuff to buy someone else's cast offs. What could be better? How to shop: Can you imagine … [Read more...]

Helzberg Diamonds CrazyPinLove

Are you a Pinterest lover such as myself? If so, Valentine's Day pinning cannot be more fun right now especially all of the jewelry. Helzberg Diamonds wants you to pin to win. Show your Crazy Pin Love, and you could win a great prize and jewelry too! Pin your dream Valentine’s Day date – from the outfit to the flowers to the Helzberg jewelry – for a chance to win it all! One grand prize … [Read more...]

Best and Worst Dresses of the 70th Golden Globes

Last night I watched the Golden Globes as I always do, to see what they're wearing. Let's be honest my liklihood of going to a Golden Globes is 1,000,0000 to 1. I would love to believe that I could someday wear a dress like that to an event that garners such fabulousness, but it won't happen. Since I won't I thought I'd share what I thought were the best & worst dresses at last night's 70th … [Read more...]

Intel Ultrabook The Ultimate Accessory

Even though I am a total Fashionista tech gadgets have always been one of my favorite accessories. Every new gadget that comes out I want to chuck the old one, and get the latest and greatest. Now you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for power. Introducing the ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive Ultrabook™, Inspired by Intel. Visit for more information. In honor of my love for … [Read more...]

#VlogMom: Spending $2,000 on ME!

It's been a realllllly long time since I've done a #VlogMom prompt, and I apologize. This week's prompt is by the fabulous Jessica of Found The Marbles. She asked what I we would buy with $2,000 on just me? I was able to decide in less than 10 minutes what I would do with the money. Can you guess? Well, check it out. What would you spend $2,000 on? Here are some more #VlogMom answers to … [Read more...]

How To Create a Polyvore Board

You may have noticed many people including myself posting fashion boards created on Polyvore. In layman's terms Polyvore is the way we play with digital dress up dolls. Polyvore is a place to create fashion style boards, but digitally. It is a great way to play with mixing different patterns and colors without investing time in a store dressing room. How else would you know if that pair of shoes … [Read more...]

Savvy About My Shopping

Shopping with Savvy makes me feel like I really am getting more bang for my buck. Eyeona (as in I have my eye on a...) is a website and app that keeps track of both the items you want at a lower price, and the items you've already purchased. They have both an Android and iPhone app. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a store, where out of the corner of my eye I see this amazing … [Read more...]

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