Tulip Flower Fairy From Chasing Fireflies

When I was little picking my costume for Halloween was the great decision of every September/October. Who knew that it would be just as difficult to choose your child's costume too. I decided this year that "A" at 2.5 didn't really need a costume, then I saw the website Chasing Fireflies. Chasing Fireflies (@chasenfireflies) has costumes that are absolutely gorgeous, but better yet transcend to … [Read more...]

Dear Fashionista: Getting Rid of Clothing – #FashionFriday

Dear Fashionista, I always wear the same thing even though I have tons of clothes. Once and for all I'd like to purge what I'm not wearing. It's just in my way, and I detest clutter. What criteria do you have for keeping or purging? Thanks. -Dawn (via) Dawn is a dear on-line friend, who I've known for a long time. She is an uber organized woman, so I was shocked to get this request. Having her … [Read more...]

Oscars: The Night Of Color

And the Oscar goes to... Here we are the next day and we're all talking about what they wore, so I won't bore you I'll just get to the point. You will notice that of all of my likes there is only ONE black dress. Yeah you read that right. It was color's night to shine, and boy did it deliver. Reds, purples, pinks, even nude and gold showed up last night. I was so happy to see the rainbow of … [Read more...]

WWDMAGIC Thoughts on The Magic

Another day and more fashion to see. It's safe to say that I am currently having thoughts on the Magic of fashion. I've seen a lot of cinched waists like the dresses from Angel Eye. Nick & Mo's beautiful ethereal lace dress is a new spin on mixing different fabrics to make a beautiful dress. While I wouldn't be able to wear this while I'm at my current weight this dress is a good … [Read more...]

WWDMAGIC: Accessories Galore

To continue my post from earlier today I will recount the some of the great accessories I saw today. This bag is something I just fell.in.love.with! This is Desigual's (@DesigualUSA) fall line. What I saw most in their line is the mix of medium and texture together with vibrant colors. I stopped by the Harvery's Seatbelt Bag (@seatbeltbags) booth and all of the new stuff had me drooling. … [Read more...]


I am here Las Vegas and the MAGIC is truly magic. Walking into the Las Vegas Convention center you could almost feel the excitement before the electricity begins. At 8:30 AM tomorrow the 3 day non-stop fashion begins and let me tell you I'm super excited. Here's a glimpse of the set-up. … [Read more...]

Keeping #WWDMAGIC Real

Originally I was supposed to post on Fashion Friday about my #1 Fashion Icon, but instead I thought I'd post about what is foremost on my mind as far as fashion goes... How do you keep it real when you go to a large fashion conference without feeling like a small fish in a large pond? You stay true to yourself and hope you come across as simply YOU. I am going to #WWDMAGIC on Sunday and my … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Fashion Icons Week 2

This week I'm going to touch on who my #2  fashion icon.  (If you didn't read Week 1 of my 3 week tribute to my 3 top fashion icons please go here.) Fashion Icon #2 is... Audrey Hepburn Audrey's made cute sexy in only a way she could.  Audrey made the little black dress a staple every woman needs and still needs in her closet.  Her chignon hair style quickly became and still is … [Read more...]


It's hard to believe that tomorrow my baby girl will be 2.  It makes me sad all over so instead of her birth story etc I thought I'd just share her birthday outfits.  Yes I said outfits.  I mean how else would you celebrate a Fashionista-to-be birthday? Everything you see below was knitted by my mother, so they are truly one of a kind couture.  Two year old style. This outfit is for her … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Fashion Icons Week 1

I was having a conversation, OK not conversation but a direct message via Facebook, with another of my fashionista blogger friends today.  Amelia of Pretty In the Queen City is helping me dress myself for my trip to Las Vegas for WWDMAGIC.  Our conversation had us realizing we both had a love for the look of the 50's and then into who our fashion icons are.  Not so fast I'm not about to reveal my … [Read more...]

WWDMAGIC and Teen Vogue Partnering To Bring In The Bloggers

The biggest fashion trade show held in Las Vegas known as WWDMAGIC has partnered with Teen Vogue to bring both well known fashion bloggers and new up-and-coming fashion bloggers together at the conference.  The 30 bloggers chosen will be participating in reporting on trends, brands at much more which will be compiled and found on www.WWDMAGIC.tumblr.com. The bloggers will be participating in … [Read more...]

Rock On Mommies – It’s Time For Gray Boots

Theresa the head of the fantastic collaborative site Rock On Mommies has seen fit to add me as a fashion contributor.  I'm honored, delighted and ecstatic to join the family of great ladies.  For my first post I am talking about Gray Boots.  Head on over and show Rock On Mommies some lovin'.  Oh and don't forget to read my article. … [Read more...]

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