Toy Storage Solution on The Centsible Life

This time of year the influx of toys can be crazy. Looking for a great storage solution? I wrote How To Create Toy Storage today on The Centsible Life. Get over there and see how easy it is. Lowe's Creative Ideas has kindly donated $100 to my charity of choice. I have asked them to send it to Larchmont Charter School - West Hollywood, the wonderful school my sons' are attending. In order to … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Jewelry Present Guide: Kveller

Hello readers! I did Hanukkah Gift Guide: Jewish Jewelry on Kveller. Gorgeous jewelry, so check it out! … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Table on The Centsible Life

For Thanksgiving Lowe's Creative Ideas has given me the Thanksgiving table assignment. Did you see my wreath last week? Check out how I used my wreath to complete My Thanksgiving Table and some easy projects to help you decorate your table for Thanksgiving, on The Centsible Life (@centsiblelife). All pictures taken for this project were from my T-Mobile Amaze 4G.   … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Decorations on The Centsible Life

I'm so excited to announce my partnership with Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine and Kelly of  The Centsible Life (@centsiblelife). Today I posted on The Centsible Life 2 great DIY Halloween Decorations. There's also a kick butt giveaway for a $50 Lowe's Gift Card. Get over there and enter. Stay tuned for more projects on The Centsible Life by none other then this very excited … [Read more...]

Apple & Honey Dishes For Rosh Hashanah

I love displaying all of my traditional Jewish holiday foods in beautiful plates and dishes. Since it's Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) it is fitting to find a dish to display the apples and honey, which are served to bring a sweet life in the coming year. When I began my apples and honey dish search I was astounded by the plethora of dishes, some of which are so gorgeous they could be out all … [Read more...]

Hiddur Mitzvah – Honoring the Treasures in Your Home

I look around my house on a regular basis and see all of the beautiful heirlooms I have acquired over the years from those who have passed, or passed it on. In Judaism using those long lived items is called hiddur mitzvah. It honors those items as treasures, and elevates them above all of the other items in your home. "Hiddur Mitzvah, is a Jewish idea that  means taking the time and making an … [Read more...]

Everyone Can Wear White Pants on Rock On Mommies

 Today on Rock On Mommies I discuss different styles of white pants. Come see if you find a style you can wear. … [Read more...]

Sundresses Are Here – Fashion Friday

I stopped wearing shorts in the summer several years ago. I just wasn't comfortable in them anymore, and I love sundresses and skirts in the summer. So I'm here to tell you that it is officially time to go out and get yourself at least 1 2 new sundresses. There are many different styles of sundress that I would be doing you a diservice if I didn't deliniate the differences. Let's start with … [Read more...]

Fashion Love: Red, White and Blue

Rock On Mommies has posted my thoughts on a classic look of navy and white with red accents.  Head over there and read on. … [Read more...]

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