You Must Read When Talent Isn’t Enough

In September I lost my full time job and decided to embark on taking my Social Media Marketing to full time status. I knew from day 1 I had so many of the things I needed to make it happen, but so much of the information was still missing too. Enter the book: When Talent Isn't Enough Business Basics For the Creatively Inclined. It was what the exact book I needed to fill in the holes in what I … [Read more...]

Action Shot Camera For The Playground

You know that saying that starts "the best laid plans..."? Well, that was my trips, yes trips, to the playground with the kids. I was so excited to get and use my Action Shot Camera when it arrived, and thought we'd take the kids to the playground with their new bikes. Two days later we had so much fun, but the videos didn't happen the way we planned. Let me first tell you about this super cool … [Read more...]

Kanex Sydnee – Charges Everything In One Place

If you're like me you own a multiple array of technology products. You probably charge them all over the house, and have to run around gathering them all to bring them with you. So if you have an iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Nook, iPod or Smart Phone Kanex Sydnee ($149) has a one stop charging station that can charge up to 4 electronic devices in one place. Check out how it works. 1 Cord, 4 Ports, … [Read more...]

Get Familiar By Sharing Your Pictures

The minute I heard the concept of Familiar's picture sharing program/apps one word came to mind: brilliant. The fact that I can invite my parents to see my pictures of the kids as soon as I take them without sending it in a way they have to figure out how to see it or download it is a great idea. What is Familiar? In a nutshell...Send photos directly to the screens of your family.  Photos are … [Read more...]

Kaboo The Fashion Bag That Holds Your iPad

Believe it or not there is now a gorgeous purse that holds your electronics, and it is called Kaboo. Finding a fashionable bag that can hold my iPad2 safely and other items is not always easy to do. Little did I know that this bag would hold a lot more than my iPad2 Earlier this year I was shopping for a tote to hold my iPad2 and other items to take to work. I wound up with a great bag, but … [Read more...]

My Style and Intel Ultrabook

Just a few weeks ago I shared some of my pictures that were all things that influence my style, originally posted on Instagram. I have more pictures to share of the things around me that influence my style. Intel released the new Ultrabook, and its sleek styling is something new to influence my style. I do believe that my computer, iPad, phone all show an element of my style. Ultrabook Key … [Read more...]

Back To School Essentials at Sears

I always loved back to school shopping, and quite frankly still do. However, the transitional years are always the ones that are most exciting and scary all at the same time. In not-so-technical terms the transitional years I'm referring to are: Preschool to Kindergarten, elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school and probably the most daunting high school to college. As … [Read more...]

From Zero To Organized: Keeping Receipts

Many people have a very hard time keeping all of their receipts because they aren't sure what to do to actually keep them. At the beginning of the year we begin with resolve to save our receipts and keep them organized. However, now it's June, if you're having issues keeping the receipts together I have some tips on how to make it easier through the end of the year. I know it's been some time … [Read more...]

From Zero To Organized: You Can’t Remember Everything

In our 2nd week of From Zero To Organized we are going to organize the things we are trying to remember. While that seems like a daunting task, so does trying to actually remember it all, and you truly can't remember everything. As a mom, full time worker, writer and social media consultant there is NO way I can possibly remember everything entailed in all of those things. I'm sure you wear many … [Read more...]

Functional & Fashionable: Cute Laptop Totes

After 8 years I finally broke down and bought myself a new computer.  Not just any computer but a shiny, pretty & sleek Apple Macbook Pro. I protect this piece of technology as if it were my child, but between guest blogging, marketing, interning, school & working on the design for my own personal blog (coming soon) it is already getting a lot of travel time. I am in need of a protective … [Read more...]

Motorola Elite Sliver Hits The Runway

This year technology hit New York and Los Angeles fashion week in a whole new way. Motorola hit the runway with its new Elite Sliver bluetooth headset. Fashion forward and a love for technology is all you need to sport the new Motorola bluetooth headset. I have a always been a lover of all of the newest technology, and always covet the latest in greatest. Of course getting a new phone always … [Read more...]

Searching For A Tote Bag With Pockets – #FashionFriday

The perfect bag for me to take to work would be a tote bag that had a lot of pockets for organization. Doesn't sound so unreasonable right? Well it seems my new obsession isn't as easy to find as I would've liked. In my usual obsessive manner I got it in my head that I needed to find a tote bag to take all of my non-purse items to work. I was using a really sturdy canvas tote, but it was open, … [Read more...]

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