Wine and Food Pairing iPhone/iPad App

I have friends who are wine aficionados and would know the essentials to wine/food pairing, I sadly am not one of them. That was until the CWC Wine and Food Pairing Wheel app for iPhone and iPad came out. Now you can ask me anything and within seconds I can tell you several different types of wine you can pair with whatever foods you are eating. This great app is available starting today for … [Read more...]

Is It a Keyboard? Is It a Purse? – Fashion Friday

I'm always looking for the most unique accessories. So you can imagine when I saw these Cocco Drive bags made of silicone keyboards in color I fell in love. I mean who carries a keyboard as a purse? I do now. When I went to the Cocco Drive website I was wowed instantly. I had to have these bags. More importantly I couldn't think of a better place to wear these bags than BlogHer. When they arrived … [Read more...]

My Holiday Wish List

To all of the husbands, boyfriends, significant others or ladies who need ideas to give to your husbands, boyfriends or significant others here is MY wish list.  Very narcissitc of me isn't it?  However, my loves may be your/gift recipients loves too.  I don't own any of the below, but I sure wish I did. Nook Color I am a very avid reader.  The giddiness I get when I go into a bookstore is … [Read more...]

Organizing Your E-mail

  Recently a teacher at J's school said to me that she rarely checks her e-mail because it's so overwhelming with all of the e-mails she has.  I told her that she inspired me to give tips on how to organize your e-mail. 1. Unsubscribe to Newsletters We all sign up for newsletters etc. to keep in touch or get the best coupons.  However, it clutters your inbox.  Be honest with yourself.  … [Read more...]

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